WhatsApp Business solution

Engage with your customers through WhatsApp Business Solution

Enhance the customer experience through the most popular messaging channel WhatsApp

Personal contact via the WhatsApp Business Solution

With over 2 billion users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is an important channel for online customer contact. As an official supplier of the WhatsApp Business API, we support organisations in setting up WhatsApp as a full-fledged customer contact channel. Good news! Since the beginning of 2021, governments will also be able to use WhatsApp again.

The integration of the WhatsApp Business Solution ensures that you can app directly with your customers within OBI Engage, directly alongside your other online customer contact channels.

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The power of WhatsApp Business Solution

API Integration

Easily integrate your WhatsApp number with OBI Engage or your own online customer support (webcare) tool.

Alerts and notifications

Proactively send notifications or alerts to your customers.

Interactive buttons

Use custom buttons so your customers can give quick replies.

Rich messaging

Receive and send messages, images, files, locations, videos, web links, call-to-action buttons, emoticons and stickers.

Integrate with chatbots

Easily pair your WhatsApp with smart chatbots.

Quick, easy, familiar and personal contact with your customers

Quick and easy contact with your customers via WhatsApp
Offer personal 1-to-1 contact, with direct answers and no long queues
Let customers reply at their convenience
Send updates or reminders quickly and easily

WhatsApp Business in 3 steps

Ready to start?


Register with WhatsApp Business

Every organisation must be officially approved by WhatsApp so that the user can safely chat with them.


Create your profile

Choose a profile picture and profile text and create a standard message.


WhatsApp approval

After the official approval we will link your number to your webcare stream.


From now on, your organisation can be reached 24/7 via WhatsApp.

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