Smart chatbots that boost your customer service, sales and marketing!

Automate routine work with optimal collaboration between virtual agents and service experts

Service experts and chatbots work together for fast and personal customer service

OBI4wan develops, trains and implements conversational agents and chatbots that truly understand your customers. The world of customer service and engagement is evolving fast. Organisations have to keep up with a growing number of contact channels and a constantly increasing volume of messages while consumers’ expectations towards customer service are higher than ever before. To provide today’s consumers with an effortless experience the integration of conversational AI and chatbots within Engagement solutions is crucial.

Our customized bots can be deployed in any customer contact channel, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and live chat. Our chatbots work directly alongside your service agents ensuring a warm-handover at any time. They take over various tasks – from answering FAQ’s to routing questions to the right agent. The result? Increased efficiency as well as customer and employee satisfaction.


Up to 36% Cost Reduction


Up to 24% Higher Customer Satisfaction (NPS)


Up to 20% Increase in productivity


Up to 40% of All Conversations Handled By Chatbots

The benefits of chatbots via OBI4wan

Full service solution for custom made chatbots

You get full support for building, deploying and optimizing your chatbot by our team of experienced chatbot developers. Profit from our extensive insights from building chatbots for various industries.

Integration with your favorite apps and tools

Your bot can easily be integrated with third party apps and tools: Customer Engagement Solutions, CRM Systems and Knowledge Base Providers.

Know the ROI of your chatbot upfront

Unlike other chatbot providers, we build your chatbot based on actual insights rather than just a gut feeling. Based on your historial customer service data we find the best solution and predict the success of your chatbot.

Access to the OBI Bots Platform

Monitor and optimize your chatbot conversations continuously. Use the reporting tool to easily measure your KPI’s and make sure your chatbot constantly improves.

Smart chatbots for an effortless experience for your customers

✓  Quick and efficient response to their questions
✓  Problem solver 24/7 hours a day, no waiting hours
✓  Available on customers preferred channel
✓  Consistent high quality service

OBI Bots platform editor OBI4wan
Chatbot feasibility analysis OBI4wan

What can you expect from a chatbot?

Curious as to what a chatbot can do for your organisation? Thanks to the chatbot feasibility report, a tailor-made analysis created by our experts, you will gain insight into precisely this! The analysis provides an overview of how a chatbot can be a source of support, for example during peak times, and outside of opening hours. You’ll also gain insight into the number of customer requests that a chatbot can take care of on its own. This way, you can predict the success of your chatbot upfront!

Build your own chatbot

Would you like to build a chatbot yourself? Thanks to our user-friendly chatbot platform, you don’t need any IT knowledge or coding to develop a chatbot. You can focus on creating the chatbot dialogues and AI does the heavy lifting. Our straightforward, fast and reliable chatbot platform helps you scaling up your customer service while keeping your customers happy. Developing data-driven bots has never been easier!

Transform your organisation with smart chatbots!

HEMA innovates: chatbots for faster and better service

What was the impact of HEMA’s innovations with chatbots in creating a better customer experience? We spoke to Ronald Gerrits, Webcare Coördinator at HEMA, about the process surrounding these innovations and the role of OBI4wan in the development, training and implementation of smart chatbots.

We wanted to further improve the service to prospective and current students and ended up with a chatbot that we use on our website page on tuition fees. After a short test period the chatbot went live and we notice that the bot is already being used successfully! Students who visit the page find the chatbot easy to use and the user satisfaction is high: 90% of the students are positive about the chatbot, which puts us well above our KPI. The bot is in Dutch as well as in English and is highly appreciated by international students.
Christa van der Kruk, Marketing & Communication Advisor at Erasmus University