Improve customer service and increase your conversion with smart chatbots

Automate routine work with an optimal cooperation between virtual agents and service experts.

Service experts and chatbots work together for fast and personal customer service

Create smart chatbots and virtual agents that help customers reach their specific goal, such as bringing them answers to frequently asked questions and getting specific information or assistance during the sales and decision process. Chatbots work efficiently alongside your service experts to create an optimal customer ánd employee satisfaction rate!

OBI4wan builds, trains and implements chatbots in every desired customer service channel, such as social media platforms, live chat, messaging apps or in-app. Would you prefer to work on this yourself? Then discover our powerful Al-driven platform for conversational chatbots.

Chatbots understand what the customer means and after lifelike conversations they make sure customers are smoothly handed over to a service expert. This way you can easily expand your reachability and save precious time for more complex cases, by automating the handling of simple questions.

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The benefits of OBI Bots

Powerful drag-and-drop interface to build and support chatbots

Integrated with your favorite tools and platforms, such as live chat, social media and messaging apps

Full support by specialists and proven technology through successful implementations

Increased customer and employee satisfaction rate, and time- and cost saving

Self-learning, smart, conversational and scalable through seamless API-connections.

OBI Bots
OBI Engage

The power of webcare & chatbots in one single solution

Do you want to offer an optimal service to your customers via online channels? You can! With OBI Engage you make sure your chatbot works together seamlessly with webcare agents. The bot is integrated as a virtual colleague, so you can always check what it is doing at a particular moment. Also make sure to use the combination of technology and webcare!

HEMA innovates: chatbots for faster ánd better service

How did HEMA innovate with chatbots to create a better customer experience? We spoke to Ronald Gerrits, Social Customer Care Coördinator at HEMA, about the process surrounding these innovations and the role of OBI4wan in the development, training and implementation of smart chatbots.

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We at Decatlon have a clear vision: we no longer want communication via email and we also want to decrease the amount of telephone traffic, because we have noticed that these channels are inefficient. Ever since we have started using the chatbot as a communication channel we have seen a vast decrease in email traffic. We have also noticed benefits in customer contact, because we can easily and swiftly respond to questions and comments via, for example, social media. The biggest benefit and insight is that we are much closer to the customer since we have started working together with OBI4wan.
Paul de Vries, Social Media Manager at Decathlon