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Improve customer experience and ensure happy customers with chatbots

OBI Bots take over routine tasks, answer frequently asked questions, support your service employees and help your customers 24 hours a day


Create automated conversations that really help your customers

Why IT when it comes to chatbots? Because you know your customers best, and the conversations customer service has with them.

No-code chatbot software

OBI Bots provides user-friendly chatbot software for which you don’t need any technical skills. Train, implement and analyse your chatbot effortlessly — like a real expert.

Drag and drop chatbot builder

Easily create chatbot conversations with the visual drag and drop chatbot builder. You can build a conversation within just a few minutes.

AI does the work for you

AI continuously improves the user experience by proactively making suggestions for improvement, so you can keep making your chatbot smarter.

OBI Bots Platform builder

Efficient collaboration between people and technology

OBI Bots are all about convenience, scalability, speed and efficiency, so your employees can have more time for complex customer questions and real advice.

Available 24/7 through your channels

OBI Bots take over the simple online customer questions and customer conversations 24 hours a day. Whether via live chat, messaging or social media.

Switch from human to chatbot

Is human contact still necessary? The chatbot platform ensures a warm transfer from chatbot to customer service employee.

Integrate your favourite channels, tools and apps

Integrate your chatbot with apps and third-party tools such as Customer Engagement Solutions, CRM systems and Knowledge Base providers in just a few simple steps to put your bot to good use on social media, via direct messaging and for the live chat on your website.

Work with the best solutions on the market

The world of chatbots and customer contact is changing rapidly, which is why we connect various Natural Language Understanding providers, internal systems and channels to our platform. These links ensure that our platform grows with you, making chatbots scalable and future-proof.

OBI4wan integrations

Happy customers, happy employees, less costs and higher productivity


Cost reduction

Chatbots handle the frequently asked questions and routine tasks, so you can basically answer more questions at a lower cost.


Higher customer satisfaction

A higher number of simple customer questions are handled by bots, while complex customer questions find their way to the right employee faster.


Higher productivity

Chatbots ensure that customer service employees can focus more on complex customer questions. This results in higher productivity — and happy employees!


Conversations handled by chatbots

Chatbots take over about 40% of all customer conversations via live chat, messaging or social media. Count the profit!

With OBI Bots you have two options:

Get started youself

With the user-friendly chatbot platform you can easily create dynamic and natural conversations yourself. It’s no-code, so you don’t need any programming knowledge. You can build and implement your own chatbots within just a few days.

Or have them customised

Hand over everything and opt for customisation. The developers at OBI4wan are responsible for more than 100 successful chatbot implementations for all kinds of brands and organisations. The tailor-made chatbots work on any online channel and work directly with your team.

This is what RTL and HEMA say about OBI Bots

Angela Muradin RTL

“We’ve noticed that the use of chatbots makes a big difference in the turnaround time. It’s a fast and easy experience for the customer. And it helps make us available even outside our opening hours.”

Angela Muradin, Head Customer Care at RTL / Videoland

Ronald Gerrits HEMA

“A chatbot helps us work much more efficiently. It takes over the simpler questions, which, in turn, gives our online customer service employees more time to concentrate on solving other, more complex questions.”

Ronald Gerrits, Project Manager Customer Service at HEMA

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