Improve customer engagement and service with smart chatbots

Your all-inclusive partner for building, training, implementing and managing your smart chatbots that understand customers.

Improve your reachability and optimize your service process with smart chatbots and PBI4wan. With our own chatbot platform, we develop unique virtual employees, on the base of wants and needs of your organization.

We integrate OBI Bots in a spotless and effective matter inside your online customer service and web care through social media, live chat and messaging apps. Delegate routine activities and save more on time to offer better and faster service!

Integrate and automize an optimal customer experience

We build, train and integrate chat bots within existing channels. OBI Bots recognize customer details and further information for a successful exchange to an employer. Smart responses are adjusted per location or outside opening times, whereby the virtual assistant contributes to efficient webcare.


User-friendly chatbot platform

With our unique platform, we determine together how a helps out your customer to reach the desired goal. On the base of specific tasks, business rules and links with external systems, the bot asks the customer the right questions. Service becomes more efficient, costs are decreased and the satisfaction of customers and employees increases!

The advantages of OBI Bots

Real-time desktop notifications and alerts

Efficient workflow and casemanagement

Direct insight into PR-value of messages

Measure KPI’s through webcare reports

Monitor performance through service levels

Integrated measuring of customer satisfaction

Social CRM: 360 degrees view of customer

complete insight in the conversation history

The potential goal of a conversational chatbot is to make the service process more efficient, in order to reduce costs and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Frank Smit, Chief Innovation Officer @ OBI4wan