Free whitepaper: 4 applications of media monitoring

The why of (social) media monitoring is no longer a matter of discussion for many organisations. For example, ‘online listening’ or ‘social listening’ enables you to take immediate action on events that occur in the media. Whether it concerns messages from social media, articles from print media or radio and TV fragments; the technology to follow all these reports is there. Monitoring is an essential part of your strategy for service, marketing and sales.

What does media monitoring yield?

Through a structural use of media monitoring you collect customer service input, search for buying signals and analyse which factors influence the online reputation of your brand. This gives you a valuable insight into messages from customers and non-customers. For a complete overview, use the 5W model to answer questions such as “who, what, where, when and why”. Context is key. Make sure that you understand your target group’s needs and that you can optimally respond to them. You do this with the help of good social service and 1-on-1 communication, but also with content marketing and advertising.

“Media monitoring is crucial for any type of organisation. It provides real-time and continuous insight into reporting on your brand, market and competitors. This enables you to control and influence the reputation of your organisation. – Alexander de Ruiter, CEO of OBI4wan.

In this whitepaper we will dive deeper into the how and why of media monitoring and show you 4 different applications that ensure that you achieve the highest return. Share this whitepaper with colleagues and inspire them to get more value out of online and offline media monitoring!

  1. Social service
  2. Online lead generation
  3. Event- and crisis monitoring
  4. Reputation management
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