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The importance of media monitoring in crisis communication

If you’re looking to limit or prevent any damage to the reputation of your brand or organisation then media monitoring would be a great tool for you! An analysis of the crisis helps you to make the right decision and can limit or even prevent reputation damage. In this whitepaper you will learn how!

chatbots customer service | OBI4wan

From data-driven chatbots to future-proof customer contact

What do you need to consider when developing a chatbot and what trends and developments can we expect in the future? Read all about it in our latest whitepaper. 

Social media ROI | OBI4wan

Increase the ROI of social media? Media monitoring offers a solution!

Discover how to develop a successful social media policy in just 8 steps, how to find your target group and monitor important topics and how to measure the ROI of your social media efforts.

Chatbot glossary | OBI4wan

Chatbot & AI Glossary

AI is in full swing and the latest technologies are helping organisations move forward and innovate. The meanings of some of the terms and expressions may not be entirely clear to everyone; so we put together this handy Chatbot & AI Glossary for professionals who are dealing with Artificial Intelligence.

Next Level PR-communications | OBI4wan

Next level PR & Communications: Optimal organisation of media monitoring and reputation management

Media monitoring is an essential part of your strategy for reputation management, service, pr, marketing, and sales. Would you like to know why and how to get started? Read all about it in this whitepaper!

Grip op jouw reputatie door reputatiemanagement Whitepaper

Grip on your reputation through reputation management

Reputation management ensures that you are working in a structured way to keep everyone within your organisation continuously informed about what is going on among stakeholders, what expectations are being met and to what extent this is happening on social and/or mainstream media.

Webcare is meer dan online klantenservice Whitepaper

5 steps to optimise online customer service

Tips and trends for an optimal design and deployment of online customer service.

De kracht van media monitoring Whitepaper

The power of media monitoring

With media monitoring it is possible to collect a lot of data that is relevant for an organisation, communication and/or media strategy.

De 7 reputatie pijlers van reputatiemanagement Whitepaper

The 7 pillars of reputation management

The basis of reputation management is good monitoring: mapping, protecting and improving an online reputation.

Optimale webcare via WhatsApp en Facebook Messenger Whitepaper

Optimal online customer care via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Tips and trends for the optimal use of 1-on-1 customer service via messaging platforms.

Media monitoring | OBI4wan

4 applications of media monitoring for loyal customers and more efficiency

Optimise online customer service, lead generation and reputation management! 

Webcare is meer dan online klantenservice Whitepaper

Webcare is more than online customer service

Download our whitepaper with tips for an optimal design and deployment of online customer service.

Action-oriented insights from data OBI4wan

Action-oriented insights through the use of data

Why is monitoring online and offline sources so important for marketing, PR, sales, spokesmanship and service? And which analyses are applicable to make the results of your work visible? In our whitepaper we will tell you all about it. Download it now!

Chatbot checklist 46 tips for developing chatbots OBI4wan

Chatbot checklist: 46 chatbot tips you can't miss!

Working with chatbots? It really doesn’t have to be that hard. This checklist gives you tips for each stage of your chatbot’s development. Download it now!



Start with (social) media monitoring for hospitals

The basis of reputation management is good monitoring: mapping, protecting and improving an online reputation. How does this work for medical institutions? Download our free whitepaper!

We have been using OBI Engage for many years and are very satisfied with the tool. We mainly use OBI Engage intensively for webcare and reporting, but we also regularly schedule content via the tool for our customers. Especially positive is the fact that we can work for all our customers in one environment, which saves us a lot of work and time. Moreover, the service of OBI4wan is great. Questions are always answered quickly and we are also kept well informed via webinars and training courses.

Kirsty Schöder, Strategy Director at ID Factory Digital Agency

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