OBI4wan official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

OBI4wan WhatsApp Business Solution provider

The word is out! We are officially WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. We have integrated the WhatsApp Business API directly into our all-in-one solution for digital customer contact, data analysis and conversational AI.

WhatsApp sees in us a future-proof partner for connecting organisations with consumers worldwide. Organisations now have a powerful customer contact channel at their disposal, complementing their customer service with messaging platforms, social media, live chat and chatbots. “We are proud of this extension on our services. WhatsApp has long had a major impact on customer contact and organisations are now fully embracing the channel. As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we help organisations get in touch with their customers quickly, easily, confidently and personally. And, from now on, municipalities will also be allowed on WhatsApp again,” says CEO Alexander de Ruiter.

With over 2 billion users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is an important channel for online customer contact. “On the one hand, contact with organisations through WhatsApp is easy and perfectly suited for the busy schedules of consumers. On the other hand, it provides organisations with an accessible and efficient channel, especially when combined with smart chatbots“, Alexander adds.

The WhatsApp Business Solution enables organisations to understand and respond to customer inquiries even better, with rich features such as video, photos, geolocation and audio. Alerts and notifications proactively provide customers with information, and the company profile provides information about the organisation and the opening hours of customer service.

The integration of the WhatsApp Business Solution ensures that you can directly message with your customers within OBI Engage, right next to your other online customer contact channels.

Would you like to give your customers the opportunity to contact you with rich features via WhatsApp? Are you giving them an effortless experience that fits perfectly with the clients’ busy schedules? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out!

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