Webcare in the year 2016: more focus on service level, multichannel and WhatsApp

We are well into the new year. Webcare managers have analyzed 2015 and goals have been redefined or updated. What are the challenges in the field of excellent webcare? Through this blog webcare experts from NosCura, Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel), NLE and AFAS share their vision on the future of webcare.

Online service and webcare receive an adult form within organizations

More and more organizations are aware of the importance of webcare for an organization and its effect. In 2015 we saw an expansion of their availability of webcare. Organizations are increasingly engaging in conversations with their customers during the evenings and weekends. The trend is clear: clients want to be served quickly and at any given moment through their preferred medium.

It is expected that webcare will be lifted to a higher level in 2016. ‘Webcare will be a self-contained part of an organization in an increasing number of organizations.’ Webcare will play an essential part that it is meant to have: as a driver of change in the rest of the organization. It will influence sales, product development, strategy and policy of any organization’, said Rob Speekenbrink of Noscura. According to Rob this also applies to the public sector. Understanding and willingness to blend into the online conversations will influence the appreciation of the citizen or customer.

More focus on response time and service level

Interaction with customers is the basis for online service. For this reason, it is important to respond quickly and appropriately to incoming posts. Customers expect more when it comes to webcare. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to manage expectations. Many webcare teams have therefore agreed on response time as well as resolve time. It recently became possible to report on service level within OBI4wan, in addition to measuring response time.

This year, the Chamber of Commerce is focusing on improving their response time and measurement using service levels. ‘In 2015 we would have handled 80% of the conversations within an hour. This year we will separate matters and focus on various service channels, various service levels and KPI’s. Through service levels we want to show that we are faster and more accurate in our responses to posts, which is our core business’, said Shana Siebelink, Social Media Coordinator at the Chamber of Commerce.

Increase use of WhatsApp for business

In 2015 various organizations started using WhatsApp for business. It is expected that WhatsApp will be used by an increasing number of organizations in 2016 as an (extra) service channel for customers. The fast lead time, the focused dialogue and the personal character of the channel are seen as huge benefits. Recent research by Jarno Duursma on the use of WhatsApp for business shows that costumers value the contact with organizations through WhatsApp. Organizations that perform a customer satisfaction survey find that WhatsApp scores an average 8,2 out of 10.

NLE also observed an increased customer’s need for WhatsApp as an extra channel: ‘We see the need for WhatsApp as a channel for customer contact increasing greatly. On average, we receive 800 messages per day, including weekends. WhatsApp has become an essential service channel within NLE.’ Said Carin Vreede. Read more about the use of WhatsApp by NLE.

More focus on branding

The social media landscape is changing rapidly and this means that monitoring tools change accordingly. Consider our recent addition of Social CRM and WhatsApp within OBI4wan. Monitoring tools are no longer used solely to reply to incoming posts and for measuring activity, but also to proactively approach customers and set up online campaigns, for example, based on target groups defined within CRM based on previous customer contact.

For AFAS, the main priority for 2016 is to put more focus on proactive service, in addition to reactive service. ‘Webcare is primarily used reactively, but we could benefit even more, especially with the opportunities that Social CRM offer us’, said Gert van Assen, Support Manager for AFAS. Since July 1, 2015, AFAS launched the Customer Care team, which enables AFAS to proactively provide its customers with information using various channels. In this way, they ensure that the customer is always up to date with the latest developments and key changes in their software.

NLE and the Chamber of Commerce will also focus more on the possibilities of the various channels, each channel having its own strategy. For example, NLE is constantly watching relatively new messaging channels that their target audience uses, such as Snapchat. The chamber of Commerce will focus on expanding the use of Instagram as a channel.

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