Update: Efficient social media publishing through mailing lists

Every three weeks we launch new functionalities within OBI4wan, with this time a handy extension for social media publishing! Create mailing lists with multiple accounts and select these to publish or plan content directly. This saves you valuable time while filling in the content calendar.

Planning ahead content is a handy way to make assure that you are continuously present on social media. In addition, it pays to put in multiple accounts to get your message is heard and seen. Many organizations, under which OBI4wan, make practical use of accounts and colleagues to distribute content. Furthermore, this function can usefully be embedded to manage multiple (client) accounts, through several different social media platforms.

With the extension of mailing lists in OBI4wan, you can easily make lists with multiple accounts, which you can select for mailing of messages in one go. Consequently, you adjust the date and time within your content calendar upon which you the mailing occurs. Finally, you will always remain the possibility to adjust the content of messages to your personal preferences.

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