Update: data extension by RSS feed

OBI4wan Update

Every three weeks we launch new functionalities within OBI4wan, with this time a handy data extension with the function to add RSS feeds.

 More control over the important resources for you

OBI4wan already brings an enormously large amount of data from social media, blogs, fora, RTV, pressed media and news sites. Nevertheless, it can be possible that there are a number of specific resources that are tremendously important for you and that you would favorably prefer to see these added to our data source. Since we as users usually prefer to take control over what sources they find interesting, it has been made possible within OBI4wan to, as a user, add Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest sources. Our newest update makes it additionally possible to add RSS feeds hereby by oneself.

Are there perhaps websites on which your organization is often getting mentioned? Or are there interesting websites that publish relevant information within your sector? Then it is possible from now on to manually add these websites to the site environment on OBI4wan to be assured that you take on this information as well.

Adding an RSS Feed

Therefore within OBI4wan, you can also add RSS-sources on the place where you add sources from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. For this, go to the website from which you would like to add RSS-feed and click on the RSS-icon. Beware of the mention that the RSS feed link is meant hereby, and not the website link.   

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