Six tips for greater insight into reputation management

Communication and reputation departments are fixated on data: opinion scores, reputation scores, brand index pulses, media value and reach... But we re now so overwhelmed with data we can no [...]

5 trends for reputation management in 2019

Reputation management is a long, ongoing process that increases the value of your organization. Are you ready to be in charge of your brand reputation in 2019? In this article I will take you [...]

Reputation management: the effect of a controversial campaign

What happens when a brand launches a controversial campaign that causes commotion? Sports brand Nike was under fire because of their ‘Dream Crazy’ campaign. For the thirtieth anniversary of “Just [...]

(Nederlands) How-to Guide: Social media monitoring voor Facebook, Twitter en LinkedIn

(Nederlands) In de trein, in bed, op kantoor, in de sportschool. Social media is overal en wij maken er in Nederland veel gebruik van. Uit onderzoek van Newcom blijkt dat Facebook nog steeds het [...]

(Nederlands) Instagram populair onder koffiedrinkers

(Nederlands) Nederlanders houden van koffie. Een rondje door de supermarkt of een blik op de drankenkaart van een cafe geeft inzicht in een wereld met oneindig veel koffie mogelijkheden. Van een [...]

Cherish your customer: 6 priorities for your organization in 2018

The years that we have social media ‘on the side’ within organizations are far behind us. Social media and social messaging have made huge changes in the world of communication and customer [...]

(Nederlands) Van online monitoring naar reputatiemanagement in 3 stappen

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To measure is to know, but know what you measure

Social media is not just about sending your messages, but mostly about listening to your target group online. We always say: to measure is to know, but do you know what you measure? How do we [...]

Improve your reputation with the following tips

The online reputation of an organization is determined through customer focus, communication, service quality and the social responsibility demonstrated by the company. But how do you quickly [...]