4 succesvolle Instagram campagnes

(Nederlands) Instagram is razend populair en en blijft terrein winnen. Maar hoe speel je hier als bedrijf nu op in? En, welke social media campagnes zijn nu écht populair in Nederland? Tijd om [...]

(Nederlands) Een ode aan onze leraren Nederlands. Minder taalfouten op social media

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

The opportunities and possibilities with proactive web care

Web care in the Netherlands of the year 2016 is a fully valuable communication tool to communicate with customers. Customers expect to be assisted in a fast and good manner through social media [...]

Webcare in the year 2016: more focus on service level, multichannel and WhatsApp

We are well into the new year. Webcare managers have analyzed 2015 and goals have been redefined or updated. What are the challenges in the field of excellent webcare? Through this blog webcare [...]

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