How to develop a chatbot in 5 steps

Companies are facing the challenge of an increasing need to be available to consumers at all times and of being present at a large number of touchpoints. To meet these needs and provide quality [...]

Chatbots in 2019 – 5 trends!

New year, new opportunities, a fresh start. In the field of technology we have made major steps in the past year. Where we said last year that 2018 was going to be the year of the chatbots, we [...]

(Nederlands) PCS en OBI4wan ontwikkelen chatbot voor HTM

(Nederlands) Steeds meer consumenten gebruiken social media als contactkanaal met organisaties. Ook HTM, de openbaar vervoerder uit regio Den Haag, ziet al jaren een gestage groei van [...]

Let’s chat about bots

A robot helper, virtual assistant, chatbot; according to Gartner* these are now at the top of the hype and more and more companies are switching to the implementation of the software. OBI4wan, on [...]

How data-driven chatbots are going to ensure success

We can't ignore the hype of chatbots anymore. They've been on the rise for years, but in 2018 the chatbot era seems to be flourishing. Not surprisingly, because we can use the technology well for [...]

(Nederlands) Partner van de Chatbot Conference | #chatbot18

(Nederlands) Op 24 april kwamen ruim 400 communicatie-experts bijeen voor de laatste trends en ontwikkelingen op het gebied van artificial intelligence en chatbots. Was je er niet bij? Niet [...]