(Nederlands) Philipse Business School en OBI4wan bundelen de krachten

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Optimal customer satisfaction: know your customer

Understanding your customer is key for good service. Web care teams deal with multiple personalities on a daily basis. These teams often manage a standard approach to reply to certain messages, [...]

Cherish your customer: 6 priorities for your organization in 2018

The years that we have social media ‘on the side’ within organizations are far behind us. Social media and social messaging have made huge changes in the world of communication and customer [...]

The importance for customer satisfaction within social media

We live in an era where customer satisfaction is of great importance to many organizations, in improving their products and services. Interrogating customer feedback can lead to growth, and [...]

(Nederlands) Complimenten als kans voor webcare en community management: 4 tips!

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(Nederlands) OBI4wan partner van de Beste Service Awards

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(Nederlands) 6 best practices over optimale klantbeleving

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Het nut van gevraagde- en ongevraagde feedback #multichannel15

Tegenwoordig is het voor organisaties eenvoudig om ongevraagde feedback verzamelen. Via online- en social media monitoring worden klantervaringen en beoordelingen gestructureerd inzichtelijk [...]