From trending topic to social shitstorm: 8 tips to internally manage a social media crisis

In the event of a crisis, it is important to know what is happening around your organization, even before you making a statement or analyzing who the most important stakeholders are. When it [...]

(Nederlands) Deze actiegerichte insights haal je uit (social) media data

(Nederlands) Insights halen uit (social) media data, (online) reputatiemanagement en e-listening (of social listening) wordt steeds belangrijker voor marketing, communicatie en management [...]

(Nederlands) Zo maken social media onze hulpdiensten slimmer

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3 applications of media monitoring during an event

The event that you have been working towards for days, weeks, maybe even months has finally commenced! In the ideal situation, online and offline media monitoring are in order and a team is ready [...]

Real life crisismonitoring door ‘tijdreizen’ met CrisisSimulator

Vandaag lanceert OBI4wan de CrisisSimulator. Daarmee is het mogelijk om de tijd op social media terug te zetten om real life crises opnieuw af te laten spelen. Dit biedt bedrijven de mogelijkheid [...]