Chatbots: the most interesting applications for your organisation

Chatbots are becoming more and more widely used. The times in which only larger companies started to optimize their service processes with smart virtual employees are over. Chatbot technology is [...]

Fact checking with: Frank Smit – Chief Innovation Officer at OBI4wan

In the series "Fact checking with" we interview our colleagues from OBI4wan about their responsibilities, vision and the person behind the expert. In this edition we spoke with Frank Smit. As [...]

How to develop a chatbot in 5 steps

Companies are facing the challenge of an increasing need to be available to consumers at all times and of being present at a large number of touchpoints. To meet these needs and provide quality [...]

Chatbots in 2019 – 5 trends!

New year, new opportunities, a fresh start. In the field of technology we have made major steps in the past year. Where we said last year that 2018 was going to be the year of the chatbots, we [...]

(Nederlands) OBI4wan partner van Social Service Congres

(Nederlands) Op donderdag 29 november is OBI4wan opnieuw hoofdsponsor van het Social Service Congres in Utrecht. Ook dit jaar zijn wij weer aanwezig om onze kennis over media monitoring, webcare, [...]

(Nederlands) Chatbots: een gamechanger voor klantcontact, webcare en appcare

(Nederlands) De komende jaren zal contact tussen mensen en organisaties steeds vaker afgehandeld worden door chatbots met menselijke eigenschappen. Dat is nogal wat. Er bestaan echter veel [...]

(Nederlands) PCS en OBI4wan ontwikkelen chatbot voor HTM

(Nederlands) Steeds meer consumenten gebruiken social media als contactkanaal met organisaties. Ook HTM, de openbaar vervoerder uit regio Den Haag, ziet al jaren een gestage groei van [...]

Intelligent chatbots and AI are the future of webcare

As we said earlier this year, the chatbot era is set to take off in 2018. We have all become familiar with the typical question-answer robots. But the question is: where do AI's opportunities lie [...]

How data-driven chatbots are going to ensure success

We can't ignore the hype of chatbots anymore. They've been on the rise for years, but in 2018 the chatbot era seems to be flourishing. Not surprisingly, because we can use the technology well for [...]

(Nederlands) 5 vragen aan… Ronald Gerrits – HEMA

(Nederlands) Om een beter inzicht te krijgen in de mogelijkheden op het gebied van webcare, reputatiemanagement, chatbots en insights, stellen we elke maand 5 vragen aan experts op dit gebied. In [...]

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