Want to form a team with chatbots? Bol.com knows how to do it!

Bol.com serves nearly 8.5 million active customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. For a long time, chatbots have been an important part of customer contact and webcare. But how do you make sure [...]

RetailTrends: The secret of chatbots

They have been discussed, applauded and criticized. Either way, chatbots are the next big thing. At bol.com, Billie now handles around two million conversations with customers, more than all the [...]

(Nederlands) Digital buzz winners: Nederlandse webshops scoren beter dan internationale reuzen

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Focus on growth as well as excellent customer experience

Customer service and social media data are both turbulent sectors that have a lot going on in 2017, and the SaaS industry is growing rapidly. Media platforms are always on the move and [...]

The importance for customer satisfaction within social media

We live in an era where customer satisfaction is of great importance to many organizations, in improving their products and services. Interrogating customer feedback can lead to growth, and [...]