OBI4wan Google's Business Messages

Personal customer contact with Google’s Business Messages

Direct 1-to-1 contact with your customers via Google Search and Google Maps

Google’s Business Messages for fast and personal online customer service

Want to offer quick, 1-to-1 customer contact via Google Maps and Google Search? You can! Google has launched Google’s Business Messages. With this new Google functionality, it’s now also possible to give your customers the best service possible via Google Search and Google Maps. How? Just activate the chat button in your Google company profile so customers can contact you directly.

75% of consumers prefer private channels for service. Google’s Business Messages help route service phone calls to chat conversations.

These chat conversations can then be handled, in addition to all other customer contact channels, from the same OBI Engage environment. This way you’re not only able to relieve the employees in the actual stores, but you’re also able to provide your customers with the best service, quickly and easily. Help guide customers’ purchases, schedule appointments and upsell. A great way to increase your customer loyalty.

The benefits of Google’s Business Messages

Optimise your customer service

Google’s Business Messages is directly integrated into your OBI Engage environment. This allows messages coming in to be handled directly and from the same environment.

Build lasting relationships with your customers

Build consumer confidence by displaying the expected waiting times and answers to frequently asked questions, and improve customer service with the option for connecting with a live agent.

Provide quick and effective service to your customers

Get messages directly from search results in Google. Route and manage your customers per company and location, so they can start conversations with your organisation, quickly and effectively.

Relieve your employees at the workplace

Business Messages allows you to turn phone calls into chat conversations. Reduce phone traffic in the store and at this same time be able to speak to customers quickly and easily via chat.

Quick and easy customer service

✓  Reach customers through a new, low-threshold communication channel
Offer personal 1-to-1 contact with direct answers and no long queues
Relieve employees at the workplace by decreasing telephone traffic and providing efficient handling of chat conversations via the webcare (online customer support) department

Want to help your customers via Google Search and Google Maps and at the same time offer convenient, fast and efficient service? Fill in the form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to schedule a free online demo.

Dieke van Leeuwen Kruidvat A.S. Watson OBI4wan

“For Kruidvat, we started by connecting 36 branches in Amsterdam. We would like to see whether Google’s Business Messages can be a new, interesting channel for our online customer contact, as well as what the effect of this new channel on our existing channels will be. It may be a substitute for another channel in the future. Questions that we mainly receive via this new tool concern store visits. This includes the opening hours of a particular store, purchases, availability of products and our return policy. Customers expect a smooth and easy response through this channel, because, in many cases, they’ve planned a visit to the store on that day. They find this contact option by searching the relevant store on Google via their mobile device.”
Dieke van Leeuwen, Teamleider Digital (Webcare en Chatbots) at A.S. Watson