Connect with your customers in real-time via Facebook Messenger 

Create effortless engagement via one of the top messaging platforms in the world!

Efficient, fast and real-time customer service via Facebook Messenger

For many customers, Facebook Messenger is the preferred channel for getting in touch with organisations. That’s why it’s so important to include messaging in customer service. Conversing via Facebook Messaging via phone or desktop has never been easier! Improve your customer service through fast and personal customer support with OBI Engage, connecting both clients and agents via one of the top messaging platforms around the world: Facebook Messenger.

OBI Engage offers you the possibility to process customer requests via Facebook Messenger in addition to other messaging channels, social media channels and live chat, all within one solution. On top of that, you can integrate chatbot technology within Facebook Messenger to scale your business and help it to grow further. Chatbots can help you automate support, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs, all at the same time! So, what are you waiting for?

Discover the benefits of Facebook Messenger via OBI Engage

Offer authentic and personal service

 Build strong relationships with your audience via private messaging. Speak their language, remember their purchase history, access previous chats, and much more.


Easily integrate Facebook Messenger into your service process

OBI Engage makes it possible to integrate Facebook Messenger alongside your other channels, within one online customer support tool. This way you can see all incoming messages at a glance. Fast, simple and efficient!
support oplossing. Zo zie je alle binnenkomende berichten in één oogopslag. Snel, eenvoudig en efficiënt!

Efficient Teamwork

Help customers right away as new questions come in. Customer service agents can help several customers at the same time, so the work becomes more efficient. Facebook Messages can easily be assigned to other colleagues or be shared with other departments and stakeholders.

Save time and costs by integrating chatbots

By automating messages with chatbots, you can easily handle frequently asked questions. Through smart and interactive bot conversations, your customers can enjoy fast and personal service.

Fast and personal service for your customers via Facebook Messenger

Authentic and personal conversations to offer the best service
Direct responses and no waiting times
Starting a conversation easily via phone or desktop

Connect with your customers in real-time via Facebook Messenger

Conversing via Facebook Messaging chat has never been easier! Improve your customer service through fast and personal customer support with Facebook Messenger via OBI Engage.

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We chose for OBI4wan due to the clear overview provided within their webcare tool. We are able to view all our social channels and conversations in one overview! This does not only make it very easy to work with OBI4wan, but also efficient. This makes it possible for us to provide the right service. We also chose to work with OBI4wan due to the large amount of knowledge they have. The trainings they offer have helped us to bring our service to an even higher level.


Angela Muradin, head of Customer Care at RTL / Videoland 

Angela Muradin RTL