Engage with your customers through their favourite messaging apps

Easily integrate and manage all your messaging channels from one platform

Personal customer service via your customers preferred messaging apps and services

Meet your customers where they are and let them contact you via their favourite messaging apps and services, like WhatsApp. Additionally you can also add your own custom channels, such as intranet, SMS and messaging from your own website.

Messaging apps have not only become consumers’ favourite communication channels, they are also cost efficient, faster, highly suitable for automation and lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. In short: a must-have for companies that aim to offer their customers an effortless and personal experience.

The OBI Engage platform enables you to easily integrate messaging apps in your customer service process. You can manage your entire digital customer service, including social media, live chat, review platforms, messaging apps and your custom channels from just one user-friendly tool.

For even more efficiency, easily integrate chatbots that work alongside the customer service agents and take over various tasks, such as answering simple messages and routing messages to the right agent.

The benefits of implementing messaging via OBI Engage

Faster and better service through automation

Add OBI Bots to your messaging channels and help your customers even faster. Chatbots can be used to answer simple questions, prepare the work of service agents, route questions to the right agent and categorize messages.

Complete overview of customer service channels in one tool

You receive and manage all messages from your customer service channels, such as live chat, social media and messaging apps in one central solution. User characteristics are stored in the integrated CRM for even more personal service.

Efficient Teamwork

Help customers directly as new questions come. Customer service agents can help several customers at the same time, so that work becomes more efficient. Messages can easily be assigned to colleagues or be shared with other departments and responsible stakeholders.

Easily integrate messaging apps and services in your service process

Easily add messaging channels to your OBI Engage environment. 

Convenient and fast service for your customers

✓  Let customers reach out to you via their favorite communication channel
Offer personal 1-1 contact with direct responses and no waiting times
Let customers answer you when it is convenient to them

Integrate smart chatbots in your messaging solution

Implement chatbots within messaging channels and start helping customers 24/7 with quick and direct answers. OBI Bots can be seamlessly integrated into your business and work hand in hand with your agents . Let chatbots take over routine tasks and save valuable time for the handling of more complex questions.

Real-time service via live chat

Add live chat to offer personal and quick service to all your website visitors. Offering service via live chat not only has a positive impact on the customer experience and customer satisfaction, but also offers opportunities for sales and marketing.

Optimise your online customer service through messaging channels.

Get the latest tips and trends for making the most of 1-on-1 customer service through messaging apps. Download the whitepaper!

Be where your customers are!

“With OBI Engage we can manage the WhatsApp Business Solution and other messaging channels from one online environment. Customer contact staff can quickly answer questions that come in through various channels because of OBI Engage’s simple structure. And the system clearly logs who sent what and when. The ease of use of the solution allows us to focus optimally on our core task; namely helping residents and entrepreneurs with their governmental affairs.”

Rutger den Toom, Policy Advisor of Customer Service at the municipality of Goes.