Live chat: the fastest way to personal customer contact

Help your website visitors get started in real-time via their preferred channel

The easiest way to quickly help your website visitors

Meet up with your (potential) customers via live chat! Live chat is the ideal way to quickly help your customers, right at the channel they’re on. You can chat directly via the website, and messaging channels. Customers expect to be served quickly and personally at any given time. 

Thanks to the endless possibilities of live chat, you can offer them this effortless experience in real-time! With the integrated tool OBI Engage, you’ll have direct insight into all incoming messages via live chat, messaging and social media. You’ll be able to work with several different colleagues, all in one environment.

Discover the benefits of live chat via OBI Engage

Real-time service

Why wait to ask a question if you can do it right now? In the real-time overview, you’ll see questions immediately as they come in and you can quickly help customers and website visitors find the right solution, right away.

Build customer relationships

sThanks to personal 1-to-1 contact, you can really pay attention to your customers. Give them extensive advice and help them find a suitable solution via a personal chat, at the same time building a warm and confidential bond.

Integrate messaging channels

OBI Engage makes it possible to integrate messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Twitter DM, and Facebook Messenger, all within one webcare (online customer support) tool. This way you can see all incoming messages at a glance. Fast, simple and efficient!

Faster and better service through automation

Thanks to the integration of chatbots, you can make your services scalable. Chatbots solve common questions, giving agents more time for more complex questions. Thanks to chatbots, you can also answer customer questions outside of opening hours.

Fast and personal contact via live chat!

Direct live contact with a service employee
Chat in your preferred channel
Personalised advice
Live chat possible 24/7 thanks to chatbots 

Personal service via messaging channels

For many customers, messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, are the preferred channel for getting in touch with organisations. OBI Engage offers you the possibility to process messages from customers via messaging channels in addition to social media and live chat, all within one tool. Fast, simple and efficient.

Smart chatbots and AI applications

Want to help customers 24/7 and answer questions right when they come in? Let smart chatbots take over routine work and save more time for faster and better service for the more complex questions. Immediately increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction!

Webcare (online customer support) and live chat: a match made in heaven

Live chat increases sales, decreases bounce rate and saves customer service costs. Read more about the benefits of live chat in our blog.


Live chat: the fastest way to personal customer contact

OBI4wan is internally known as ‘OBI’. OBI4wan doesn’t only provide a refined, extensive and very user friendly tool, also the support by the service desk greatly exceeds my expectations. Especially compared to other tools, their service stands tallest amongst them. OBI4wan is more of a partner who thinks along with us. Despite the strategic choice to not provide custom development, OBI Engage doesn’t feel as a ‘one size fits all’ product. By paying close attention to customers and really being involved, OBI4wan is the perfect fit for us and undoubtedly many others.
Marloes van Deventer, Coördinator Social Media at KWF

Marloes van Deventer KWF