Increase customer satisfaction with excellent online customer service and social media management

Discover the power of OBI Engage: the all-in-one solution for social media publishing, messaging, reviews and live chat

Provide the best online customer service via social media, live chat & messaging

Exceed high customer expectations by offering direct and personal customer service via social media, live chat, review sites, messaging apps like WhatsApp and chatbots. With OBI Engage, you can manage all online conversations quickly and easily, and all from just one tool. Help make the customer service employees’ work more efficient, provide fast and consistent service via your customer’s preferred channel and reduce waiting times and workload, all at the same time.

Integrations with our partners, along with the possibility of adding your own channels (e-mail, intranet, your own forum, SMS, etc.) ensure that OBI Engage can be utilised as optimally as possible.

Stay up-to-date with everything that is happening around your organisation by using the integrated monitoring tool. Write, plan and publish posts via social media channels with the clear and easy content calendar. Increase your impact and reach, using data-driven insights from integrated social analytics and extensive reporting options.

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The benefits of online customer service via OBI Engage

Streamline your service process

Provide service quickly and efficiently, reduce waiting times for your customers and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Add new channels quickly and easily

Add new or existing channels to your service process. With the all-in-1 tool, it won’t be necessary to have to train employees for working with new channels.

Manage your workload effectively

Route cases to the right employee using smart ai and chatbots. Save time through having a complete overview of the entire conversation, and make service truly personal.

Your partner in training and optimisation

Optimise the service process and turn your employees into real experts with various training courses from our specialists.

Effortless Engagement for your customers?

✓  Fast and consistent service via the customer’s preferred channel
  Effective solutions to reduce waiting times
  Personalised service, because the employee recognises the customer, regardless of the channel

Plan and publish your content with the advanced social media calendar

Easily plan and publish your posts, via various accounts, with the social media planner. In just one overview, it will make clear to everyone which messages have been scheduled through which channels. Work efficiently on content by using workflows or plan and publish directly via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Real-time service via live chat

Add live chat as a way to offer personal and quick service to all your website visitors. Adding live chat not only has a positive impact on the customer experience, and customer satisfaction, but also offers opportunities for sales and marketing.

Geberit: Tradition meets transformation

The well known sanitary company Geberit operates successfully in Europe and worldwide. Read how the company successfully manages its social media channels with the OBI Engage Tool.

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When inquiries, comments or mentions about our company and our brands are made on social media, it is important to have a quick overview of them and to react accordingly. In this way, competence and reliability can be communicated in a credible manner. We chose OBI4wan because this solution delivers real added value. It is easier and more intuitive to use than competitors’ solutions. Furthermore, OBI4wan, like us, is internationally active and can therefore be optimally used by us.
Olaf Grewe, Manager Group PR Corporate Communications at Geberit