Social listening: manage your brand and reputation

Get insights into your brand, customers, market and relevant topics through social media data

Towards a data driven marketing and communication strategy with social listening

As marketing and communication professional you need to know what is going on around your brand, customers, the market and relevant topics in society. Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram provide you with a continuous stream of information. But how to make sense of the data? With the social listening tool from OBI4wan you get a grip on the data, which helps you define your overall communication strategy and to create a meaningful story.

Get to know your target audience on social media and find out what they think about relevant topics and towards your brand. Measure relevant insights into your reputation, industry and stakeholders from online data and analyze the effect of your marketing and communication campaigns. Our social listening tool lets you create insightful reports and narrowcasting for internal and external communication.

The benefits of social listening with the OBI Brand Monitor

Real-time insights on relevant topics and trends to boost your marketing strategy

Real-time alerts: Be the first one to know about relevant events

Insightful reports to share with internal and external stakeholders

Insights on the characteristics and needs of your target audience to finetune your communication

Reputation measurement: Listen to how your brand and products are being discussed online.

PR & media monitoring

Going beyond social media

Next to social listening, the OBI Brand Monitor also measures all insights regarding reach, media value, and sentiment of your press releases and media campaigns. This enables you to increase the return on your campaign efforts! By targeting the right message to the right audience, the impact is increased, and you strengthen the position of your organisation within the market.

Get support from our media analysts

Our OBI Insights Team helps you get meaningful insights out of online data to shape your marketing or business strategy. From reputation analysis to crisis analysis our media analysts create customized and action-able reports that suit the needs of your business.

Media monitoring met de OBI Brand Monitor

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Media reports accurately reflect what your reputation is and where your PR department needs to pay extra attention. Within the Brand Monitor you can filter and analyze certain topics or campaigns. We can obtain long-term insights into our brand reputation.
Marjolein Verkerk, PR Manager at