Structural action-oriented insights around reporting about your organization, through customized reports from our reputation analysts.

The reports from OBI Insights are available for organizations that want even more targeted insights from the existing data. In addition to their own dashboard, customers receive an extra depth through the reports, in which the most important insights around a specific period or a highlighted topic are analyzed.

Action-oriented insights based on data analysis

By monitoring and analyzing the media around your organization, OBI4wan’s Research & Insights team identifies opportunities and dangers that may be important in your strategy development. By processing this information in clear reports or infographics, organizations can take action immediately.

Customized analyses

Gain insight into your organization’s reputation and market or receive in-depth insights through Deep Dives. You can use reports for insight into the general reputation of your company, but also to evaluate the effect of a particular campaign, an analysis of the target group or market or an impact analysis about an event or incident.

The reports of our reputation analysts are tailor-made

Insight into your brand reputation and trends within the market

Deep dive analysis

All channels on which your organization is active are brought together in one overview.

One-off or recurring reports per week, month, quarter or year

Support at all times

Getting help is a strength! It is nice that the analysts at OBI Insights think along with us and are experts in the field of reputation management within a specific sector. At Staedion we have fully embraced social media and media monitoring. Both within our Communication and Customer Service departments, social media is actively used to learn more about social conversation, to inform residents and as a service channel. In addition, we take out independent (monthly) reports in which we gain more insight into what is happening on social media around our own brand, certain neighborhoods and themes. This makes it clear in wat manner Staedion is spoken of on (social) media.

Bianca Witmer, Advisor Communication @ Staedion