One-off or periodic customised reports by experienced media analysts

Data-driven insights into reporting on your organisation, based on personalised reports

One-off or periodic action-oriented insights based on data analysis

By monitoring and analysing media statements regarding your organisation, our media analysts can identify opportunities and dangers that may be important to your strategy. By processing this information in clear and concise reports, or infographics, organisations are better equipped to take immediate action if necessary.

Gain insight into your organisation’s reputation and market, or receive in-depth insights through Deep Dives. You can use reports for insight into the general reputation of your company, as well as for the evaluation of the effect of a specific campaign, an analysis of the target group or market, or an impact analysis of an event or incident.

The benefits of reporting via OBI Insights 

Custom reports by media analysts

In-depth analyses of campaigns, events, and sponsoring

Integration with data partners such as ANP and Media Distillery

Data-driven insights for strategic decision-making

OBI Insights

Personalised reports with integrated data

OBI Insights reports are for organisations that want to gain even more focused insights from existing data. In addition to your own dashboard, the reports will give you that extra “dimension”, in which the most important insights are analysed around a specific period or a highlighted topic.

Full personalization of reports

Our media analysts can fully personalise their reporting, thanks to optional integration into your own data and data partners.

Media monitoring met de OBI Brand Monitor

The Power of Media Monitoring

With media monitoring it is possible to collect a lot of data that is relevant for an organisation, communication and/or media strategy. 

 Curious as to what OBI4wan can do for your organisation? 

Asking for help is actually a strength! It’s great that the analysts at OBI Insights think along with us and are experts in the field of reputation management within a specific sector. Social media and media monitoring have already been fully embraced within Staedion. Within both our Communication and Customer Service departments, social media is actively being used to help us learn more about social conversation, to inform residents, and to be used as a service channel. In addition, we provide independent (monthly) reports with which we gain more insight into what’s going on on social media regarding our own brand, specific neighbourhoods, and themes. With this, it becomes clear to us how Staedion is perceived on (social) media.
Bianca Witmer, Adviseur Communicatie bij Staedion