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Media analyses for action-oriented insights and data-driven advice

Our analysts have knowledge of your specific sector and are specialised in media analyses of your reputation, stakeholders and issues.

Insight into reputation, media value and the result of your efforts

Data is the “new gold” from which a mountain of substantiated insights can be obtained. But how, with the often limited time available, do you ensure that the data provides the right insights? How do you get absolutely crystal-clear as to what the effect and reach of your campaigns and other communication efforts are so you can make timely adjustments?

OBI Insights offers sharp insights into, among other things, the impact, reputation, target group and media value of your organisation. We also monitor your KPIs, so you can easily shape or adjust your marketing or business strategy. Acting on gut feelings is a thing of the past, because our analysts are able to interpret data and offer practical and data-driven advice.

The reports they provide are easy to read and can therefore be shared directly with, for example, the management. Effortless for you, and for the internal organisation as well.

Even during a crisis, our analysts are ready to help take off the burden. The Insights Team identifies and monitors calamities and provides insights, conclusions and advice. For example, our reports make it immediately clear what the most important “triggers”, stakeholders and arguments are. Everything necessary, so that your organisation can face a crisis with ease.

The benefits of OBI Insights

Start right away with action-oriented insights

With their action-oriented insights, our analysts uncover the opportunities, dangers and results that are important for your strategy formation, and with which you can manage your KPIs.

Accessible reports

The insights, conclusions and advice are clearly described in our reports. We use appealing infographics, key take-outs, management summaries and your own corporate identity, so that everything can be shared directly with your stakeholders.

Specialist knowledge of your industry

Our analysts have experience in various sectors, so they know your specific market and competitors and have a sharp focus on the trends.

Various reporting elements

In order to get a complete picture of your organisation, we offer various reporting components that can be combined, such as campaign, crisis, impact, reputation, topic, target group, webcare and SWOT analyses.

Effortless for you and your organisation

Next step in reputation management with the OBI RepScore

With the OBI RepScore, reputation management now becomes even easier. We combine data with our in-house knowledge and make your reputation completely transparent with the help of one or more report figures. By using multiple measurement moments, the score can provide clear insights into the development of the reputation of your organisation. And what’s more, the report figures are not only easy to link to a KPI, but also require little explanation. The ideal way to gain and provide insights into your brand.

One-off or periodic customised reports

To be able to respond flexibly to opportunities and threats, it’s important to regularly measure how your organisation is doing, which is why we share media insights reports at fixed times. With these reports you can, for example, gain insight into the general reputation of your organisation, evaluate the effect of a campaign or measure the impact of an event or incident over time. But a one-off “deep dive” or zero measurement is also possible. Together we can determine what kinds of insights you want. Even in combination with your own data is possible.

Housing corporation Staedion makes at-home feeling measurable with OBI RepScore

Read how Staedion’s reputation became much more tangible through the use of the OBI RepScore.

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It’s great that the analysts at OBI Insights think along with us and are experts in the field of reputation management within a specific sector. Social media and media monitoring have already been fully embraced within Staedion. Social media is actively used in both our Communications and Customer Service departments to learn more about social conversations, to inform residents and as a service channel. In addition, we purchase independent (monthly) reports in which we gain more insight into what is happening on social media regarding our own brand, certain environments and themes. This makes it clear what people are saying about Staedion on (social) media.
Bianca Witmer, Communications Advisor at Staedion