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Action-oriented insights and data-driven advice for a strong and solid reputation

Through sharp analysis, not only do we help you monitor your reputation, but we also provide action-oriented insights. We monitor your KPIs so you can shape your marketing or business strategy, with ease.
For example, a PR or campaign team can feed the data-driven results back to the Management Team, at a glance, and a spokesperson can then recognise any strengths or weaknesses from an earlier campaign for use when developing a subsequent campaign.

Our analysts can also be deployed during a crisis. The Insights Team helps identify and monitor a crisis, and provides insights, advice, and conclusions, so that organisations are better prepared in the future.

A selection of our analyses:

Reputation analysis

Crisis analysis

Topic analysis

Campaign analysis

Online customer service analysis

Target group analysis

Impact analysis

SWOT analysis

Benefits of OBI Insights

Data-driven and action-oriented advice from our analysts

Insight into brand reputation and market trends

In-depth analyses on a specific topic

All media channels brought together in one overview

OBI Insights

Optimise and improve strategies within your organisation

By analysing media expression regarding your organisation, the Insights team identifies opportunities and dangers that may be important to your strategy formation. In addition, you gain insight into the impact of your own communication efforts and to what extent these match with the objectives that have been set.

Bring reputation management to a whole new level with the OBI RepScore

Ready to take the next step in reputation management? With the OBI RepScore, reputation management is now even easier. By combining your data with our in-house knowledge base, we will give you a grade report to help you understand your reputation more fully so you can get started with action-oriented insights for your organisation.

Effectief reputatiemanagement met de OBI RepScore

The power of media monitoring

With media monitoring it is possible to collect a lot of data that is relevant for an organisation, communication and/or media strategy. 

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It is great that the analysts at OBI Insights think along with us and are experts in the field of reputation management within a specific sector. Within Staedion, social media and media monitoring has already been fully embraced. Both within our Communication and Customer Service department, social media is actively used to learn more about the social conversation, to inform residents and as a service channel. In addition, we purchase independent (monthly) reports in which we gain more insight into what is happening on social media around our own brand, certain neighbourhoods and themes. This way it becomes clear how Staedion is spoken about on (social) media.
Bianca Witmer, Communication Advisor at Staedion