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Actionable insights and data-driven advice for a strong brand

Our media and reputation analysts help you monitor your brand, providing you with actionable insights. Using data analysis from our experts, you can take your marketing and business strategy to the next level.

The Research & Insights team from OBI4wan fully support you in day-to-day business, but also during times of crisis. Our media analysts help you identify and monitor a crisis, providing you with insights about impact and reach.

A selection of our analysis:

Reputation analysis

Topic analysis

Campaign analysis

Social care analysis

Target group analysis

Impact analysis

The benefits of OBI Insights

Data-driven advice from our analysts

Insight into brand reputation and market trends

In-depth analysis of specific topics

All media channels in one overview


Optimize and improve strategies for your organization


Insights that help you move forward

By monitoring and analyzing media coverage about your organization, the Research & Insights team identifies opportunities and risks that may be relevant for your strategy development.

We process and visualize this information in clear reports or infographics, making sure our clients can take direct action.

1,000+ organizations already make use of OBI4wan

Utilize the expertise of our media analysts to map relevant topics, events and crisis surrounding your organisation. Identify and measure the influence of stakeholders on the brand reputation, so you can form a timely response based on real-time insights.

Over time, we use more and more functions of the OBI Brand Monitor. We started with daily updates and alerts, providing added value for communication professionals, such as press officers. Nowadays, we are making significantly more use of reports, providing added value for the entire organization.

Hans van Kastel, Senior Press Officer at KNVB