Research & media insights

Your specialized data intelligence partner for research, data analysis and action-oriented insights

Our research department is happy to help you deal with the ever-increasing numbers of data that organizations face. The “so what”, behind that mountain of data. By extracting value from data, we provide action-oriented insights, which will help you achieve a greater success in terms of reputation.

Insights that go a step further

Our analysts are experts in the field of media analysis. Action-oriented insights from our experts’ analyses go a step further and can help in making a marketing or business strategy or determining the success of a product or campaign.

Optimize and improve strategies within your organization

By monitoring and analyzing the media around your organization, the Research & Insights team identifies opportunities and dangers that may be important for your strategy development. By processing this information in clear reports or infographics, organizations can take action immediately.

The reports of our reputation analysts are tailor-made

Insight into your brand reputation and trends within the market

Deep dive analysis

All channels on which your organization is active are brought together in one overview.

One-off or recurring reports per week, month, quarter or year

Support at all times

Over time, we have started using more and more functions that the Brand Monitor offers. We started with daily updates and alerts. This offers added value especially for professionals, such as press officers. We now make more and more use of the reports. And it is precisely these reports that offer added value for the entire organization.

Hans van Kastel, Senior Press Officer @ KNVB