Reputation management

Always keep track of how internal and external stakeholders talk about your organization.

The latest insights into your brand reputation

Reputation management ensures that you get a clear view of the perception of consumers and other stakeholders about your organization. This allows you to keep everyone within the organization up-to-date about what is going on regarding your brand. The Brand Monitor immediately gives you the latest insights into your brand reputation.

Real-time, 24/7 reputation management

Keep track of your brand reputation through real-time alerts. This ensures that you are the first to hear news that could affect the reputation of your organization. All relevant publications can be easily and quickly shared internally via reports, newsletters and narrowcast.

Structural insights

In order to know how your organization’s reputation is developing, you have a structural need for insights such as your visibility on certain themes, development of sentiment and development of volume and reach. These insights are delivered on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Monitor all online and offline media statements about your organization

Real-time insight into brand reputation, trends, competitors, influencers and stakeholders.

Receive personal alerts via e-mail and/or SMS

Annual, monthly or weekly customized reports

Share all relevant publications with colleagues easily and quickly

Our reputation experts are happy to help when you have questions

Media reports accurately reflect what your reputation is and where your PR department needs to pay extra attention. Within the Brand Monitor you can filter and analyze certain topics or campaigns. We can obtain long-term insights into our brand reputation from media monitoring, but relevant insights from (social) media monitoring can also be achieved for our marketing colleagues.

Marjolein Verkerk, PR Manager @