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Don’t let your reputation get a life of its own, start monitoring today

Strengthen your brand’s reputation with real time media monitoring and reputation management

With reputation management via the OBI Brand Monitor you won’t miss a single message regarding your organisation. Keep an eye on your brand reputation with real-time alerts. By using these alerts, you can ensure that you are the first to be informed of news that may influence any aspect of your organisation’s reputation. All relevant publications can be shared internally, easily and quickly, via reports, newsletters, and narrowcasting.

The OBI Brand Monitor makes social media monitoring and reputation management efficient and powerful!

In order to fully understand how your organisation’s reputation is developing, you need structural insights, such as your visibility with regards to certain themes, development of sentiment, volume, and reach. The reporting module within the OBI Brand Monitor makes it easy to periodically bring these insights to the forefront for you, and your organisation, and to benchmark your organisation against the competition. These action-oriented insights contribute to the course of growth regarding communication strategies and the reputation of your brand or organisation.

Benefits of reputation management using the OBI Brand Monitor

A 360-degree view of your organisation within the market

Real time insight into brand reputation, trends, competitors, influencers, and stakeholders

Digital reports, that can be used as a real time dashboard

Identification of influencers and stakeholders with the stakeholder lists

Media monitoring met de OBI Brand Monitor

Insight into reporting from internal and external stakeholders

Reputation management ensures that you get a structural view of the perception of the customer, and other stakeholders, regarding your organisation. This allows you to keep everyone within the organisation up-to-date about what’s going on with regards to your brand. Thanks to real-time insight into the data, you, as a communication professional, know exactly what potential changes may need to be made.

All reporting that influences your reputation, in a single overview!

The OBI Brand Monitor will give you the latest insights into your brand reputation through accurate sentiment analysis. The use of this tool helps to make the communication strategy measurable, so you can make better data-driven decisions. No time or expertise to do this yourself? Our specialised analysts from OBI Insights will be happy to help!

OBI Insights

4 applications of media monitoring

The why of (social) media monitoring is no longer a matter of discussion. For example, ‘online listening’ enables you to increase customer satisfaction, identify new sales opportunities and manage your reputation. With these 4 applications of media monitoring you ensure an optimal use of social service, lead generation and reputation management!

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Media reports accurately reflect what your reputation is and where your PR department needs to pay extra attention. Within the Brand Monitor you can filter and analyze certain topics or campaigns. We can obtain long-term insights into our brand reputation from media monitoring, but relevant insights from (social) media monitoring can also be achieved for our marketing colleagues.
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