Crisis monitoring: monitor real-time reporting for optimal crisis communication

The OBI Brand Monitor makes all the difference when monitoring and managing a crisis

With real-time media monitoring, you can see when a crisis is coming

Keep an eye on what’s happening in the media on a structured, real-time basis, and ensure that you can see a crisis coming early on. With the OBI Brand Monitor, you can set alerts to be the first to be informed if a situation threatens to get out of hand. In times of crisis, real-time monitoring and a proactive response are essential.

Use real-time media monitoring to gain data-driven insights during a crisis. Monitoring provides you with insights into the volume, sentiment, and the most important influencers and stakeholders surrounding the crisis or discussion. An analysis of the crisis can help in making the right decision and can limit, or even prevent, reputation damage.

The benefits of the OBI Brand Monitor for crisis communication

Be the first to be informed of all reports via real-time alerts

360-degree view of the reporting

Identify influencers and stakeholders based on stakeholder lists

Make data-driven decisions and limit, or prevent, reputation damage

Media monitoring met de OBI Brand Monitor
PR & media monitoring

Social media requires a different approach for your crisis strategy

The rise of social media requires new strategies in the event of crises, because social media gives a voice to someone who might not normally be heard. The line between social media and traditional media has faded: journalists from mainstream media channels work in a different way than what we’ve seen in the past. What has remained unchanged, however, is that the role of the media is conflict based, emotions reign, and the masses, in general, have an aversion to risk. As an organisation you have to be able to deal with this in the best way possible. Social media also opens up even more opportunities because these voices not only can now be heard, but even more quickly than before.

Our reputation analysts are ready for you

Need help from specialised reputation analysts? No problem! Our OBI Insights Team will help to identify and monitor a crisis and provide insights, conclusions, and (strategic) advice, so that your organisation will be better prepared in the future.


Action-oriented insights through the use of data

Why is monitoring online and offline sources so important for marketing, PR, sales, spokesmanship and service? And which analyses are applicable to make the results of your work visible? In our whitepaper we will tell you all about it. Download it now!

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Media monitoring offers an excellent opportunity for direct feedback on your products and services. You can also keep a close eye on whether any adjustments that have been made have had the desired effect.
Ruurd Jansen, Senior Brand & Reputation Analyst at NS