Use (social) media monitoring and be the first one to know about buzz surrounding your organisation

Measure relevant insights about your reputation, sector and stakeholders from online data, social media, print media, radio and TV.

(Social) media monitoring with the OBI Brand Monitor

The amount of media has been growing fast in recent years. Therefore, quick insights in volume, trends, sentiment, opportunities and dangers are of great importance for a strong reputation. Media monitoring not only makes your own reputation measurable, but also provides insights from your sector and competitors. In this way, you are always immediately on top of what is happening by reporting, real-time alerts and narrowcasting.

The OBI Brand Monitor makes media monitoring and reputation management efficient and powerful!

Do you want to know what the effects are of online and offline communication, campaigns and PR value? The OBI Brand Monitor measures all insights for reach, media value and sentiment. This way you increase the results of your campaigns! Target the right message for the right stakeholders, increase the impact and strengthen the position of your organisation in the market.

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The benefits of the OBI Brand Monitor

Real-time alerts for relevant events

Add stakeholder lists, such as journalists, politicians or celebrities

Be the first to know about print publications with data from partners

Dynamic reports and narrowcasting

OBI Brand Monitor: Real-time media monitoring

1000+ organisations already make use of OBI4wan

Social media monitoring makes it possible to map relevant topics, events and crisis surrounding your organisation. Identify and measure the influence of stakeholders on the brand reputation, so you can form a timely response based on real-time insights.

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Social media monitoring offers an excellent opportunity to analyse direct feedback on your products and services. You can also keep a close eye on whether adjustments made have the desired effect.

Ruurd Jansen, Senior Brand & Reputation Analist at NS.