Manage your reputation with media monitoring, reporting, and reputation pillars

Measure relevant insights about your reputation, sector, and stakeholders from online data, social media, print media, radio, and TV.

Media monitoring makes it possible to map relevant topics, events, and the crisis surrounding your organization. You identify and measure the influence of stakeholders on the brand reputation, in order that you can reply in due time on the base of real-time insights.

The OBI Brand Monitor supports the communication professional in managing the online and offline reputation of the organization. Whether it is about communication & PR, wording or Marketing, dynamic reports on data analysis provide you with action-oriented insights to keep the internal organization up to date with what is playing.

Online and offline reputation management

Real-time reports give a comprehensive insight into the volume, trends, sentiment, chances, and dangers around your organization, field or competitors. You are always immediately on top of what is happening by reporting, real-time alerts and narrowcasting. The OBI Brand Monitor makes media monitoring and reputation management efficient and powerful.

Measure the effect of communication

The OBI Brand Monitor provide endless possibilities to measure the effect of online- and offline communication, wording and PR to measure. Insight into reach, media value and sentiment push up the return from campaigns. In this way to target with intent the right stakeholders with the right message and elevate the impact.

The advantages of the OBI Brand Monitor

Analysis of social media, online media, print and RTV

Insight into reputation, competitors, and stakeholders

Signaling relevant topics surrounding your brand

Automatized and manual sentiment analysis

Dynamic reports and narrowcasting

Real-time alerts at relevant events

Daily news coverage through e-mail

Analyze the reach and effect of your content

The Dutch Red Cross uses OBI4wan for both corporate webcare, webcare during big events/initiatives (such as Giro555 or Serious Request) but also to monitor incidents in the Netherlands and beyond. The convenience of the tool, the scalability (for some large events sometimes 40 workers active in the tool), the possibility to add on-the-fly extra webcare profiles and accounts and the ability to strictly adjust this in terms of rights mean this tool is a perfect solution for us for both incident monitoring and webcare. The accessibility, friendliness and the patience of the helpdesk are a bonus, they gladly help you and also want customers to think about the development of functionalities for the tool.

Niels Lelieveld, Technical Customer Care Specialist @ The Dutch Red Cross