The media monitoring tool that immediately retrieves all relevant data for you

Manage your brand’s reputation using one clear dashboard

Media monitoring with the OBI Brand Monitor

Quick insight into volume, trends, sentiment, opportunities and dangers are important for a solid brand reputation. With the OBI Brand Monitor you have unlimited access to millions of (inter)national sources, such as online data, social media, print media, radio and television. So, not only do you make the communication efforts of your organisation measurable, but you also get a complete overview of your industry, stakeholders and competitors. Thanks to this monitoring tool you can be aware, always and everywhere, of what’s going on regarding your organisation.

From now on, don’t rely on your gut feeling, and make results immediately measurable on the basis of data-driven reports. Create clear reports quickly, receive real-time alerts and easily create narrowcastings for internal or external communication. Our experts organise media monitoring as optimally as possible for you, so that you can get started right away. Make your marketing and communication efforts measurable for the rest of the organisation as well, without any complicated programs and reports.

The benefits of media monitoring with the OBI Brand Monitor

Make your KPIs for marketing, communication and PR directly measurable

The OBI Brand Monitor is an unlimited data source that provides your entire organisation with relevant information. Make use of an unlimited number of searches, reports and alerts. Let the tool do the work to make your work measurable.

Lower the risk of a crisis and prevent reputation damage

With media monitoring, you are immediately made aware of everything that’s going on. Which means you can also immediately anticipate when a situation threatens to get out of hand — reducing the risk of reputation damage.

Top-notch service: we are always there for you!

Our collaboration doesn’t end once we’ve set up your environment. We continue to ensure that you can get started, quickly and easily. With our many years of expertise in the field of media monitoring, we are there for you each and every day with good service and strategic advice.

Save valuable time with customised automatic information provision

Keep your organisation informed on the basis of automated customised reports so that everyone is automatically informed and you have more time to optimise marketing, communication and PR.

Go for PR results, measure the effect of your campaign!

Curious about the effects of online and offline communication, campaigns, events and PR? The OBI Brand Monitor measures all insights regarding reach, media value and sentiment, making it even easier to gain insight into the results of your press releases. Increase the impact and return of your campaigns so you can strengthen your position in the market.

Prevent reputation damage with good crisis monitoring

In times of crisis, keep a real-time eye on what’s going on around your organisation. Data provides insight into volume, sentiment and important stakeholders for the distribution of all messages so you can map out a crisis at an early stage and also be able to anticipate things quickly and effectively. Prevent reputation damage with good crisis monitoring!

Ready for really good media monitoring results? Discover it for yourself!

The power of media monitoring

By structurally viewing communications, you are not only able to manage your online and offline reputation well and to respond to complaints or questions in a timely manner, but it can also provide insights about the product, service or target group. In this whitepaper we will go into this in more detail and explain how you can achieve the best results. Download it now!

Media reports clearly show how your reputation is doing and where you may need to pay extra attention regarding PR. Within the Brand Monitor you can find specific topics or be able to visualise and analyse campaigns. We can obtain insights for the long term about our brand reputation from media monitoring, but relevant insights can also be obtained from (social) media monitoring for our marketing colleagues.
Marjolein Verkerk, PR Manager at