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Unique customised chatbots for the best customer experience

Chatbots, known as virtual employees, are an excellent addition to the service team. The bots work efficiently with your service experts to ensure optimum customer and employee satisfaction.

Who builds and maintains the chatbots? Experience shows that managing a chatbot can best be done by the organisations themselves, because who knows better about what a customer needs exactly, and what kinds of questions can be handled most easily? With the help of the OBI Bots Platform we help organisations develop chatbots that can function on any desired channel – such as website, app and social media channels.

The OBI Bots Platform is a powerful interface in which you can build, test and optimise a chatbot in five simple steps. Once the bot is implemented, organisations can maintain and improve the chatbot themselves. All of the chatbots that we have developed for our customers are built using the OBI Bots Platform. Experience the benefits for yourself and discover the possibilities!

Curious about what a chatbot can mean for your organisation? Request a chatbot feasibility report, an extensive textual analysis created by one of our experts.

The benefits of unique chatbots via the OBI Bots Platform

Building chatbots without programming skills

Powerful drag-and-drop interface for building and maintaining chatbots

Increase in customer and employee satisfaction

Full support by specialists, along with proven technology

Chatbot Platform OBI4wan
Chatbot Platform OBI4wan

Build a chatbot in 5 simple steps

We’ll help you develop your chatbots based on the following 5 steps:

  1. Textual analysis of the chatbot by means of a chatbot feasibility report;
  2. Develop possible dialogues that the chatbot can have with customers;
  3. Train the chatbot to understand customer questions and to link an action to them;
  4. Integrate the chatbot with external systems;
  5. Test the quality of the chatbot in the test center and update the bot regularly.

Chatbot feasibility report: discover what a chatbot has to offer!

Need a concrete and clear overview of the effect chatbots can have on your organisation? It’s right here! The chatbot feasibility report is a customised analysis created by our experienced experts. The analysis maps out, step by step, at which moments a chatbot can best be of support for your organisation. Consider the effect of chatbots during peak times or outside of opening hours, or gain insight into the number of webcare messages that a chatbot can pick up.

Chatbot feasibility analysis OBI4wan

HEMA innovates: chatbots for faster and better service

How does HEMA’S leap in innovation with chatbots ensure an improved customer experience? Read more about the process of this innovation and the role of OBI4wan in the development, training and implementation of smart chatbots.

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“We wanted to provide an even better service for our prospective and current students and ended up with a chatbot that we are using on our website page on tuition fees. After a short test period the chatbot went live and we’ve seen that the bot is already being used quite successfully! Students who visit the page find the chatbot easy and user satisfaction is high: 90% of the students are positive about the chatbot, which means we are well above our KPI. The bot is both Dutch and English and is therefore highly appreciated by our international students!

Christa van der Kruk, Communications Manager at Erasmus University in Rotterdam