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Is your organisation ready for a chatbot?

Discover what chatbots can do for your team and and your organisation with the chatbot feasibility report

Curious about the effect of chatbots on your organisation?

Smart chatbots help customers achieve their desired goals. Like answers to frequently asked questions, getting specific information, or support during the purchasing process. Chatbots work efficiently with your service experts in order to give you optimal customer and employee satisfaction.

Curious as to whether a chatbot is something for your organisation, and what kind of chatbot would best suit your needs? Then have a talk with one of our representatives or request a chatbot feasibility report. With the help of this analysis you will quickly discover the benefits chatbots can offer and gain insight into what a chatbot can mean for your organisation.

The benefits of a chatbot feasibility report

Chatbots created based on your own data and linguistic analysis

Numerical insights into what you can expect from a chatbot

Make your choice to have a chatbot based on actual insights rather than just a gut feeling

What do you get from a chatbot?

Curious as to what a chatbot can mean for your organisation? We can help to give you some insight through a chatbot feasibility report. The analysis is carried out by our in-house experts and is completely tailor-made. Through this analysis, for example, you will gain insight into the response times, peak times and opening times of your organisation and you will discover all the wonderful benefits of a chatbot. It’s also possible to utilize the number of webcare messages in order to determine the proportion of messages that a chatbot could pick up.

Build your own chatbot in 5 easy steps!

With the OBI Bots Platform, we help organisations develop their own chatbots in five simple steps. The platform is a powerful interface, in which you can build, test and optimise your own chatbot. All chatbots that we develop together with customers are built in the OBI Bots Platform. Experience the benefits for yourself and discover the countless possibilities that customised chatbots can offer for your organisation!

All the ins and outs of chatbots for your organisation 

OBI4wan uses one dashboard for handling online customer service and webcare, supported by bots as virtual assistants, work planners or data analysts.
Want to start using chatbots for your organisation? Then download the complete whitepaper with all the tips and tricks on chatbots!

Curious as to what chatbots can mean for your organisation? Request a feasibility report now!

At Decathlon we have a clear vision: we want to get rid of all communications via e-mail and also drastically reduce telephone traffic, because we’ve learned that these channels are inefficient. Since we’ve started using the chatbot as a communication channel, we’ve seen a clear decrease in mail traffic. We’ve also noticed a lot of the benefits in customer contact, because we can respond quickly and easily to questions and comments via social media, for example. The biggest advantage so far, and a major insight, is that we’ve become a lot closer to our customers since we started working with OBI4wan.

Paul de Vries, Social Media Manager at Decathlon