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OBI4wan builds, trains, implements and manages smart chatbots for every organization!

Smart chatbots & artificial intelligence

With our unique chatbot platform, we determine together how a chatbot helps your customer achieve the desired goal. We build, train and integrate chatbots within existing channels. OBI Bots recognize customer data and other relevant information for a successful transfer to an employee.

Smart responses are adjusted per location or opening hours, ensuring the virtual assistant contributes to efficient social customer care. Based on specific tasks, business rules and links with external systems, the chatbot asks the right questions to the customer. Service becomes more efficient, costs are reduced and customer and employee satisfaction rises!

The benefits of OBI Bots

Increased efficiency

Full support from specialists

Increased customer and employee satisfaction

Basis for future growth

Self-learning, smart and conversational

Cost reducing

One solution for social customer care & chatbots

Optimize your customer service via online channels. With OBI Engage, your chatbot works seamlessly together with service agents. The bot is integrated as a virtual colleague, utilizing the combination of technology and personal customer service.

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At Decathlon we have a clear vision: we want to get rid of e-mail communication as quickly as possible and also drastically reduce telephone traffic, as we have noticed these channels to be very inefficient. Since we have been using the chatbot as a communication channel, we have noticed a clear decrease in mail traffic. We also notice many advantages in customer contact. For example; we are able to quickly and easily respond to questions and comments via social media. The biggest advantage and insight is that we are able to have closer contact with the customer since we started working with OBI4wan.

Paul de Vries, Social Media Manager at Decathlon