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With the growing impact of digitalisation, it is becoming increasingly important for content and social media platforms to have insight into the communications taking place on your website at all times. Answering online questions, complaints and reviews is critical for good customer satisfaction, as well as your online reputation. In-depth data analysis is also necessary for gaining insights into ways for structurally improving your customer service and marketing.

OBI4wan offers powerful solutions for online and offline media monitoring, webcare, messaging for example via WhatsApp, chatbots and media insights. Combined with our excellent service and advice, we can help your organisation get added value from data from social media, online media, print media, and radio and television!

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Online customer service and publishing with OBI Engage

Make sure your customers are satisfied and respond to questions and complaints proactively with a single integrated solution for webcare via social media, live chat, review platforms, WhatsApp and Messenger.

OBI Bots Platform builder

OBI Bots Platform: smart virtual assistants

Thanks to our user-friendly chatbot platform, you don’t need any IT knowledge to develop a chatbot. You can focus on creating the chatbot dialogues and AI does the heavy lifting. Our straightforward, fast and reliable chatbot platform helps you scaling up your customer service while keeping your customers happy. Developing data-driven bots has never been easier! Start building your own chatbot, try it 60 days for free.

Media monitoring with the OBI Brand Monitor

With the OBI Brand Monitor, you have access to millions of (inter)national messages from social media networks, news sources, print media, radio and TV. Find relevant messages right away that pertain to your organisation, target group, market and competitors to help keep your online reputation under control.

Media monitoring met de OBI Brand Monitor
OBI Insights

Action-oriented insights with OBI Insights

The OBI Insights team is the most specialised data intelligence partner for research, data analysis and action-oriented insights. Our team of analysts interprets the data. And we measure the outcomes, not just the output, in order to optimise your communications or webcare strategy.

We’ve been using OBI Engage for years and we are very happy with this tool. We mainly use OBI Engage for webcare and reports, but we also often schedule content for our customers via the tool as well. What’s also nice is the fact that all of our customers can work in the same environment, which saves us a lot of time and effort. Also, OBI4wan’s service is excellent. Questions are always answered quickly and webinars and training sessions help us to stay up to date.
Kirsty Schöder, Strategy Director at ID Factory Digital Agency

Kirsty Schröder, Red Carpet | OBI4wan