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On average, how long do your customers wait for answers? Do your employees have the time to give these customers sincere attention? Besides investing in customer service, is more attention to marketing and communication needed? OBI4wan provides you with solutions to these and all your other communication questions.

Online customer service & automation

Some customers want to tell their story via a review site, others ask their questions directly via WhatsApp. Give your customers the freedom to choose, without losing track of your own message flow.

Deploy chatbots to simplify service work. Thanks to the efficiency and scalability of chatbots, your staff will have more time. They can use this time to pay extra attention to the customer.

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Omnichannel customer service

Choose omnichannel customer service and let your service offering grow with customer demand, without having to expand your team. Even if questions come in from new quarters, you can continue to answer them.

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Reputation management & crisis monitoring

With the OBI Brand Monitor, you keep track of what is being said about you both online and offline. By monitoring as broadly as possible, you can respond promptly to current events and you’re always the first to know what’s going on around you.

If you know where opportunities lie, you can seize them. Equally important: if you see where danger lurks, you can intervene. Media analyses help you do this. Our analysts offer you the right insights and provide you with data-driven advice. This way, you can take the right steps, based on solid evidence.

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