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Quality, reliability, sustainability and innovation are the top priorities for Geberit, the European market leader in the sanitary sector. The company moves into the future with innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies. With its sanitary products as well as with its services. Customer contact via social networks is playing an increasingly important role in the company’s marketing and communication activities. Olaf Grewe, Manager Group PR Corporate Communication at Geberit, shared insights about how his team is managing social media.

From service telephone to Instagram

While in the past customer contact was mainly handled via the established service telephone or technical advisors for specialist customers, Geberit has received more and more attention and inquiries via social media in recent years. Here, users expect quick and competent answers to their questions, preferably on the channel where they are active and without media discontinuity. Therefore, questions such as how to present the company on different platforms, if and which keywords and hashtags should be used and how to engage with users, needed to be addressed.

“Campaigns must be planned and implemented in an integrated manner between the various communications departments in order to survive in the digital world,” says Olaf Grewe, Manager Group PR Corporate Communications at Geberit.

Actions to ensure a successful social media presence

In order to communicate successfully with different customers at different digital touchpoints, Olaf Grewe emphasizes the following points:

1. Use of a social media monitoring tool

For Olaf Grewe, using a social media monitoring tool is an integral part of a successful communication campaign. The tool gives you an overview of the effect of your campaign and allows you to take action quickly.

“We don’t have to respond to every trend, but it’s good to know what is going on, and then, if necessary, within a short period of time, prepare something,” adds Olaf Gewe.

2. Development of a sustainable social media strategy

For a large enterprise with international orientation and B2B as well as B2C communication, a comprehensive social media strategy across all channels forms the basis for success. Learn more about Geberit’s social media strategy in the complete Client Success Story.

3. Defining clear goals for each social media channel

Geberit schedules and publishes content for each of its social media platforms with different frequencies and tailored activities. Each channel has its own strategy, which is regularly reviewed and adapted by the team. The strategy not only sets clear and measurable goals, but also contains precise guidelines on the tonality as well as the code of conduct.

4. Measuring, evaluating and adapting

The decisive factor for social media success is to examine the various social platforms at regular intervals to see whether they meet the expectations in terms of reach and interaction. Are all activities and measures successful or do adjustments have to be made? Measuring success online and on social media is essential for social media strategy and resource allocation.

Successful with the All-in-One solution from OBI4wan

OBI4wan’s social media management tool helps Geberit to monitor and react to activities in social media. When inquiries, comments or mentions of Geberit and its brands are made via social media channels, the tool enables Geberit to have a quick overview of them and to react accordingly.

Curious to see how the long-established company is advancing its social media communication with the help of the all-in-one tool OBI Engage. Read the complete success story now for free!

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