Strengthen your market position with media monitoring

Keep track of your brand and reputation and make marketing, communication and PR efforts measurable.

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All relevant data is in your hands with the OBI Brand Monitor

From now on, stay away from your gut feeling and make sure you really know what’s going on. With the OBI Brand Monitor you can keep a sharp overview of everything that is being said and written about your organisation online and offline. This way you can build your brand and reputation in a more targeted way.

Create searches for important themes, stakeholders, your brand name or competitor. Would you like to be notified immediately when your brand or certain sentiments are mentioned? Then set up smart alerts.

Keep an eye on the prevailing sentiment surrounding your organisation or competitor. New campaign or crisis? Immediately see the effect on sentiment and adjust where necessary.

Inform your organisation using automated and data-driven reports. Everything can be customised with the information you want to display.

Media monitoring stands or falls on its ease of use. Choose what you want to monitor in real time, where regular reporting is sufficient and what can be handled with narrowcasting. You indicate to us how you want to work, we set up the environment for you.

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Strengthen your organisation, guard your reputation

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Always the first to know

Keep a close eye on everything that’s going on around your brand and reputation. Who says what and where are the conversations being held? The sooner you know what’s going on, the more time you have to respond to opportunities, trends or a crisis.

Maintain an overview of an endless amount of information

We combine millions of sources for you in one clear screen. This way you’ll know what’s being said about you online and offline on social media, review sites, blogs, forums, radio, television and print.
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Measure the effect of your campaigns

Visualise reach, media value and sentiment. See immediately which investments pay off and where there’s room for improvement. Everything is substantiated with data from within and outside your organisation.

Get a grip on a crisis in real-time

Data provides insight into volumes, sentiments, key stakeholders and the distribution of reporting, so you can identify the crisis at an early stage and be able to anticipate things quickly and effectively.
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