All OBI4wan products at a glance!

Looking for tooling and expertise to optimise your online customer service, reputation management, data insights and chatbots? Then OBI4wan is your partner. Our all-in-one offer ensures the best results for your organization. Check out our products below.

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OBI Engage

Going for happy and engaged customers? Then make sure you stay in touch with both your customers and target audience and followers. OBI Engage offers a clear and concise overview of the messages that are being sent to your organisation. But also on everything that’s being said about your organisation, so you can respond in good time.

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OBI Bots

Chatbots make service work easier. They are scalable and efficient. Your employees will have more time to pay genuine attention to the customer. Where necessary, the chatbot switches directly over to the right employee.

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OBI Brand Monitor

From now on, stay away from your gut feeling and make sure you really know what’s going on. With the OBI Brand Monitor you can keep a sharp overview of everything that is being said and written about your organisation online and offline. This way you can build your brand and reputation in a more targeted way.

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OBI Insights

Do you know what opportunities to seize, where danger lurks, and what the results of previous decisions are? Our media analyses offer you the right insights and our analysts can provide you with data-driven advice, so that you can take the best steps forward. We share reports at fixed times, or just once. Whatever you want.

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