Privacy statement OBI4wan

In this privacy statement you can read how OBI4wan B.V. (“OBI4wan”) handles the processing of personal data within the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with regard to its own processing of personal data, as well as for the processing of personal data on behalf of its customers.

OBI4wan is located at (1506 MA) Zaandam, Korte Hogendijk 2. OBI4wan is registered in the Business Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under 53021029.

Collection of public data

OBI4wan offers solutions for online and offline media monitoring, webcare, chatbots and media insights. Customers use the OBI4wan software applications to search public sources for opinions, news, questions and complaints based on their company name and/or topics of interest.

To make this possible, OBI4wan collects public data. OBI4wan uses an online search engine to search public sources such as social media, blogs, news sites and forums. In addition, OBI4wan directly receives public data from suppliers, in accordance with the agreements with those suppliers, the privacy policy and the terms of use.

However, such public data may also contain personal data of persons who actively share information on the internet. These include the profile name, profile photo, profile text and bio, author’s location (if enabled by the user) and the content of messages. Sometimes these social media messages contain special personal data, for example with regard to political persuasion or a person’s philosophy of life. OBI4wan does not use this special personal data.

All the data that OBI4wan collects has been clearly disclosed by users of social media through their public profile. OBI4wan is the Data Controler for the data obtained in the above manner from public sources and fully respects the privacy of the persons who have shared their information or are mentioned in the shared information.

Collection of non-public data

In addition, OBI4wan also collects data on behalf of the customer via channels such as Chat, Facebook Messenger (privacy policy), Twitter DM (privacy policy), WhatsApp (privacy policy) and Youtube (privacy policy). By connecting customer channels you agree to the privacy policy and additional policies of the respective platforms. As a customer you can, at any time, revoke access to these channels by deleting these connected accounts. The data is used exclusively by the customer to enable digital communication between that customer and its interested party. This data may contain personal data of private individuals, for instance an email address, bank account number, date of birth etc. This information is also stored in the solutions of OBI4wan. For this data, the customer as the client is the Controller and OBI4wan is the Processor. OBI4wan has entered into Data Processing Agreements with its customers and processes the data in accordance with the GDPR as stated in these agreements. OBI4wan does not use any of this non- public data for its own purposes.

Processing purposes

Personal data can be processed in order to provide our customers with good and effective products and services. The purpose of our data processing is therefore as follows:

  1. To enable searching through public media.
  2. To provide our services and products to our customers.
  3. To carry out our trend and statistical analyses.
  4. To analyse, maintain, secure and optimise our website, tools and corresponding technologies.
  5. To meet the applicable laws and regulations.

Provision of personal data

OBI4wan can make use of other service providers for the processing of personal data. These service providers act as (sub)processor and will process personal data in accordance with the Data Processing agreements between OBI4wan and the Controllers. OBI4wan enters into a Subprocessor agreement with these (sub)processors.

European Economic Area

OBI4wan stores its (‘customers’) data within the European Economic Area.


OBI4wan receives personal information which is entered into the contact page of our website in order to be able to handle requests through this page correctly. There you will be asked for your name, e-mail address and telephone number. This information is used only for the purpose for which it was obtained and then the information is destroyed. This information can be shared with partners with whom OBI4wan has a Cooperation Agreement and Processing Agreement.

Customer information

OBI4wan processes certain personal data of customers in order to be able to provide a good service to them. This includes the name and contact details of the customer or the contact person acting on behalf of the customer, such as: address details (for example for training visits, customer relationship maintenance and satisfaction surveys), email address (optional for registration via the website), telephone number, IP addresses and bank details (for payments).


By responding to a vacancy on the website or by sending a curriculum vitae as an open application, via email or the website, the candidate gives permission to OBI4wan to keep the received personal data for at least 4 weeks after the open vacancy has been filled.

Candidates may give us permission to keep their data longer. For example, because a suitable job may be become available at a later date. We apply a maximum period of one year after the permission was given by the candidate.


OBI4wan has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure your personal data from loss and to prevent unlawful processing. OBI4wan does this, among other things, by:

  1. Forming, maintaining, checking and complying to procedures.
  2. Physical security of access.
  3. Digital security of access.
  4. Communication Security (encryption, amongst other things).
  5. Separation of environments and data.
  6. Monitoring, including access, availability and amendments.
  7. Internal and external audits.

OBI4wan is ISO 27001 certified and the information security is checked annually by means of an audit by an independent expert external party.

Insight, correction and deleting of personal data

OBI4wan does not store personal data any longer that needed for the purpose of the processing. In addition, OBI4wan deletes data that is also deleted by a user of the social media platform. This is done in two ways: firstly when we receive a notification from the social media network, by means of a ‘compliance stream’. Secondly, when not supplied by the network, we delete the message when we notice that the original message has been deleted from the social media platform. This happens when, if allowed by the social platform, we try to fetch the message again.

For personal data that’s applicable to you, you can gain insight into or have data corrected or deleted under certain circumstances. OBI4wan’s contact details are available below.

Amendments of the privacy statement

OBI4wan can amend this privacy statement. We recommend you regularly revisit this privacy statement.


Questions about this privacy statement – citing “Privacy statement” – can be directed to:

OBI4wan B.V.
For the attention of Michel Spee
Korte Hogendijk 2
1506 MA Zaandam
E: or via our contact form.

This privacy statement was last edited on 05-06-2018.