New! Measure your brand reputation effectively with the OBI RepScore

OBI4wan reputation score repscoreOBI4wan has just launched the OBI RepScore and from now on it will be even easier to measure your brand reputation. The scientifically based model helps organisations get a firm grip on their online reputation as well as it provides action-oriented insights based on the data.

A new approach to reputation management

In a society where (social) media plays an increasingly important role in connecting with and informing consumers, it is essential to look at media communications as the starting point for reputation management. Thanks to the launch of the OBI RepScore, the growing demand for a proprietary, scientifically based model for reputation management can now be met. This new score focuses on the brand reputation of organisations in the media, and brings with it a number of benefits:

  • Organisations are no longer linked to the seven reputation pillars of RepTrak per se; also company-specific themes can be assessed with the score
  • Not only the score is visible, but also the most impactful positive, neutral or negative topics are highlighted
  • Specialised data analysts complete the score with action-oriented insights that organisations can actively use for improving their reputation

“The OBI RepScore gives us an indication of how we score on different themes each quarter. In combination with the volumes, pro- and reactive messages, we are able to analyze why our reputation has risen or fallen” – Manon Huisman, Spokesperson at GVB

Two scores that complement each other perfectly

OBI4wan has always worked with Reptrak® van Van Riel, which determines reputation based on surveys. However, OBI4wan also has access to large amounts of public data, which contains a lot of information about organisations and brands, as well as their reputations. The OBI RepScore can therefore be seen as an addition to the RepTrak method because it focuses on media communications. In OBI4wan tooling, various variables are assigned to this data, such as source reference, impact, potential reach and sentiment.

“If a company works with both the Reptrak® score and the OBI RepScore, then not only will these scores complement each other, but interesting insights can be gained from the differences between the scores on the pillars and/or at specific moments. This way the strategic communication of a company can be directed even more effectively. OBI Insights supports clients in the process from general data to (action-oriented) insights and a data-driven strategy.” – Danielle Janssen

Masters research ensures innovation at OBI4wan

For their Master’s research, Danielle Janssen and Judith van Tuijl, both former Master’s students from Utrecht University and current OBI4wan data analysts, delved further into general data and developed a scientific model that led to the OBI RepScore. With this OBI RepScore, organisations get a reputation score based on their own objectives, themes and/or the reputation pillars of Van Riel. This score serves as a grade report that gives insights over time into the development of an organisation’s or brand’s media reputation. With the help of OBI Insights, these insights can be converted into action-oriented insights that contribute to a strategic communication strategy.

OBI4wan lanceert OBI RepScore voor reputatiemanagement

“By combining precisely these factors, the score reflects the authority, credibility, effectiveness and opinion from each source and, in this way, the OBI RepScore makes it possible for organisations to be able to continuously measure reputation within the fast-moving media landscape, to evaluate the insights gained from this, and to raise reputation management to a higher level. ”- Judith van Tuijl

OBI4wan lanceert OBI RepScore voor reputatiemanagementThe OBI RepScore leads us to the next step in reputation management. An organisation’s reputation quickly becomes clear when combining data with in-house knowledge and skills. With a simple, straightforward score per pillar or pre-coordinated theme, it’s much easier to estimate and adjust your reputation.

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