OBI4wan launches case management for web care

As of today the function Cases has been added to the OBI4wan media monitoring and web care tool. With case management for conversations through web care, loose messages will now be dealt with as cases. Users have the possibility to aim their reports on the status, subject, involved case owners, and processing time of a case. This function is available for all users.

The use of Cases has the huge advantage that conversations with customers are registered and processed as separate cases. Users decide when a case starts and comes to end, and are able to select a main or sub subject. This way you can choose to only apply case management to specific customer queries. The input of Cases is optional; the use can be activated in the settings of the users role.

How does it work?

Upon receiving a message you can start a case either manually or automatically. Users have the possibility to add on to an existing case. After a few hours the closing of a case occurs, either manually or automatically.


With the expansion of Social CRM, conversations with customers from multiple platforms are shown in one review. When customers switch channels, this gets registered too. With this add on you actively work towards a 360 degrees customer picture.

Insight into subject and status of cases

By focussed reports about solved cases, you can immediately see the amount of cases left open per platform. On top of that, the average time it takes to close a case is registered. This way you can measure the average time cases take up, and gain essential insight into how you provide service.


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