OBI4wan expands webcare through Instagram


Every 3 weeks we launch new functionalities within OBI4wan. We can proudly announce that webcare has expanded due to reactions through messages on Instagram! After linking your Instagram account(s) you immediately respond to photos, videos and comments through OBI4wan, one of the largest photo platforms of the world.

Webcare through social networks, WhatsApp and review platforms

Reacting through Instagram is an expansion to webcare through social networking, with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as popular examples. Just last month we linked WhatsApp, and at the beginning of this month we were able to link Trustpilot and Facebook Reviews. We are working hard towards integrating relevant webcare channels, so that you can easily manage everything through one solution.

Webcare through Instagram

Since December 2014 it has been possible to monitor Instagram through OBI4wan. Each day more then 130.000 photos, videos and comments have been made available. Users have the option to add Instagram accounts to their resources, for which you can use all the relevant messages on webcare and reports.


Business deployment of Instagram

Instagram is being deployed for business purposes at a growing rate, and many organizations are currently active within this fast growing platform. In an earlier blog I described an analysis about Instagram messages, and was able to gave tips about business deployment within Instagram.

Responses to your own photos and videos are easily managed through OBI4wan. Via a search filter you can filter relevant messages. For example, based on an active campaign, or certain products of services that you might need. It could very well be that people are talking about you, an important reason to start with webcare through Instagram!

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