Media monitoring + lead generation = new sales opportunities!

media monitoring en leadgeneratie OBI4wanWhereas previously the focus of organizations on social media was mainly on branding and service, more and more organizations see opportunities in lead generation. The web is full of potential clients that are looking for the right fulfilment of their needs. This offers opportunities for your organization. You can read in this blog how social media monitoring contributes to lead generation.

Identify sales opportunities and grab them!

We live in a world where customers are becoming less loyal to brands because they are increasingly aware of alternatives and because switching is made easier. Research by Accenture  among 24,489 consumers, from over 33 countries, shows that 52% of consumers show switching behaviour when the service offered isn’t good. Moreover, 68% of consumers don’t return once they have made a switch. The opportunities for lead generation are in line with optimal social service, which my colleague Levi previously wrote about.

Media monitoring offers opportunities

The basis for good lead generation is understanding your potential customers. Where are these customers? What do they talk about, with whom and at what time? Media monitoring can provide results to find these potential customers and get to know them. It can also map the customer journey.

Media monitoring offers an overview from different perspectives on how your organization compares within the market. In this way, you will discover how your customers talk about you. Who are your (potential) customers and where are they? Do they talk about your company on blogs or forums or can these people be found on social media such as Facebook and Twitter? This can provide interesting insights to adjust your strategy.

It can be interesting to know at what time of the day your potential customers communicate and investigate whether it is necessary to adjust your communication, such as planning messages within the timeframe that best suits your target group. Another example is the use of location. When you are active locally, it can be useful to filter on geolocation. You can find out what is spoken about within the community in which you are active. Finally, you can identify top influencers within your industry and analyse what they are talking about, what content they like to share and what similarities they have with your organization.

Monitor en analyse trends and developments

Think outside the box and monitor more terms than just your brand name and accounts. Take a look at key terms around your organization to identify sales opportunities, developments and trends within the market. In this way, you can get in contact with new people that are relevant to your organization. Also monitor your competition to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. How do you distinguish yourself from the competition and where do opportunities lie in the market? How satisfied is the rival’s customer?

I will illustrate how you can utilize media monitoring to identify sales chances and generate leads using a number of practical examples.

Proactive service vs. leadgeneration

Monitoring tools like OBI4wan offer the ability to monitor using keywords. Not only can you monitor your own brand name, but also interesting keywords within your industry. Which questions do your potential customers ask? Is there a conversation being held that indicates a need for your product, which you can pick up on? By finding out which keywords are used in the messages from potential customers, you can actively monitor these terms and make contact proactively when the opportunity arises.

From the example above it is clear that NLE monitors more than just its own brand name. By monitoring the word ‘energy supplier’, NLE seizes the opportunity to proactively approach a potential customer. Through social media you can reach potential customers in an accessible way, possibly using a humorous approach. Just make sure that it suits the conversation and your organization.

Competition analysis

Media monitoring provides great opportunities to keep an eye on the competition. What do they talk about, but perhaps even more important: how is the contact between them and their customers? Where do your chances in the market lie and what problems can you possibly solve for your potential customers that your competition may not be able to solve? Or, taking it a step further: identify expiring contracts or unanswered questions aimed at the competition and see if you can pick up on these and actually help the potential customer with their question. Invite your potential customer to become acquainted in an accessible way.

We often see people talking online about expiring contracts, for instance about mobile providers or energy suppliers. The example below illustrates how Simpel responds to a negative tweet about rival KPN

Another example is the following post by in which they act on a question that was meant for Mediamarkt.

Monitoring these kinds of questions and proactively offering services pays off. In a later post we see that this person has indeed become a customer.

Analyze and optimize

A monitoring tool allows you to quickly and easily filter out the right messages for your organization using a smart search. This tool also offers the ability to measure and analyse the results of lead generation. What impact does your strategy have on the growth of your fan base? What is the sentiment surrounding your brand? How often is your brand mentioned online and by whom?

Analyzing enables you to optimize your service and product for your costumers. Enrich your knowledge, analyze the results and implement adjustments to improve your market position. Do you have any questions about media monitoring and lead generation via social media or setting the right searches? We will gladly help you along!

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