From European Communication Summit to successful cooperation

The European Communication Summit is just around the corner – a good time to reflect on last year’s event where we shared our vision on how a continuous data flow of insights from customers, thought leaders, media and stakeholders enable you to be more successful with your communication strategy. During the event we met Martin Rua, Corporate Communication Specialist at OMRON Healthcare, which is the world’s number 1 manufacturer of both digital blood pressure monitors and inhalers for respiratory care. The company’s mission is to help people worldwide lead a healthy and pleasant life. From our initial meeting during the European Communication Summit a successful collaboration emerged. We talked with Martin about the path and how media insights help OMRON Healthcare to reach their objectives.

You met OBI4wan last year at the ECS. How did that go?

We were attending the event to keep an eye on the latest trends within the European communication field. Next to the sessions and keynote speakers there was also an exhibition where we met OBI4wan. The team was very approachable and flexible and it was easy to engage with them. This, in combination with the price and quality they offered gave us a good first impression. The fact that OBI4wan has an interesting set of curated media was an important point in our decision to move on.

What happened after the event?

Back in the Netherlands, we had a straight forward meeting with Davy, OBI4wan’s Commercial Director, in which we discussed more technical details in depth and set up a contract. On top of the online real-time brand monitoring platform we also decided to generate quarterly insights reports on our media coverage around relevant topics and their impact on our reputation.

The next step was a workshop with the Client Consultant Bart and Media Analyst Danielle to identify the most relevant keywords. They also showed us how to set up search queries and explained to us how we can use brands and topics. This is now an ongoing exercise for us as things can change overtime, nothing is written in stone, but we have the capability to develop new queries and keep our platform updated so that it can harvest news with the latest developments.

How did you benefit from the collaboration with OBI4wan so far?

We met our annual targets in terms of impressions, reach, volume and sentiment; we could not have provided evidence of our achievements without the platform. And thanks to the availability of the monitoring tool and insight reports, we can now clearly demonstrate the results of our efforts. So the tool helps us to measure our targets and it gives us additional information to steer our communication efforts as well, in order to meet those targets.

Can you give an example how it helps you meeting your targets?

We regularly run campaigns around health days. While some of them were very successful and our press releases were picked up by lots of national publications, others generated less of an impact. Good news is, we can assess how relevant the campaign is not only for OMRON but for the whole media landscape and then determine whether it makes sense to invest our efforts in them. We only want to run campaigns that are really relevant for the public and the tool gives us insights on this. We can now assess the potential of media hits and volume that a specific campaign might generate and take strategic decisions based on that.

What are the next steps you want to take with us?

We are currently busy setting up the monitoring system in other languages to track our results in more countries. In the future we want to add even more countries where we are operating, since we cover the whole EMEA region. So OBI4wan should already start preparing themselves to collect relevant data from these regions as well.

What would you advise other organisations who want to get more out of their PR and communication efforts?

I would advise organisations to use, in addition to the reports they get from PR-agencies and media agencies, a real-time online brand monitor that provides transparent, objective and straight-forward information. With such a tool, you know what methodology is used and you don’t end up comparing apples with peers. It helps you show the success of your work internally. Also, when you have more insight into the social conversation, you can make better decisions and tailor your content to cater for specific audiences.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of OBI4wan?

Would you like to know more about realtime media monitoring en data driven reputationmanagement? Plan a meeting with us at the European Communication Summit dit this year in Berlin or request a free demo.

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