Instagram and Pinterest, now also in OBI4wan!


Instagram and Pinterest, according to #SMM7 the fastest growing social network of this moment, have a very well-deserved place in the top. All the more reason for OBI4wan to integrate data from there as well. Therefore from today onwards, you shall see OBI4wan’s Instagram posts and pins appear! This is how we expand social media monitoring with two more sources and you have even more insights through web care and reports.

Direct overview of the latest posts under webcare

The best about this is that you do not even have to do anything at all! Messages come in naturally dependent on the search settings. You can also choose to receive the messages from Instagram and Pinterest in a separate search profile: for that purpose, you simply set up a filter on the source type!

More insight in social buzz through reporting

By simply bringing the messages from Instagram and Pinterest along in your reporting, you now have even more insight in the social buzz around your organization, brands, products or your services. With a filter on source type you simply check the latest pictures.

The search ‘coffee AND source type: Instagram’ you display all photographed morning coffees. Certainly that works as well with the search ‘coffee’ and a filter on source type Instagram.


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