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All good things must come to an end. Same with Game of Thrones. Boo-hoo! The very last episode of the American fantasy television production will be broadcast tonight (Dutch time). Loyal viewers and fans from all over the world will have to say goodbye to the popular “GOT” characters Deanerys and her dragons, Jon Snow, the Lannister family and the Stark sisters. Carice van Houten will also shine for the very last time in the role of “Red Woman” Malissandre. Which cast members were the most talked about on social media in the week leading up to the showdown in the land of Westeros? Media monitoring and data research conducted in the Netherlands, England and the UK has given us the answer!

Warning! Spoiler alerts!

Fanatic Game of Thrones fans on social media

The number of viewers from last season was sky high. Figures from HBO show that no less than 17.4 million of the American public watched the first episode of season 8. Throughout the seasons, the storyline has evolved around a number of “key characters” that we see everywhere on social media. For anyone who hasn’t seen the series, here’s last season’s trailer, to give an impression of the atmosphere, the story and the characters: 

OBI Engage’s hashtag cloud shows that the main characters #jonsnow #deanerystargayen and #aryastark are the most talked about on social channels:

Hashtag cloud GOT | OBI4wan

On Twitter, hilarious and somewhat emotional tweets from fanatic fans who clearly love their GOT heroes:

Tweet GOT fan | OBI4wan

GOT Tweet fan | OBI4wan

Tweet GOT fan | OBI4wan

But aside from all the enthusiasm, there’s also been a backlash from fans who are demanding a remake of the last season because the script doesn’t match the original story from the books. The petition posted on already has about 750,000 signatures (at the time this article was written).

Top 3 most talked-about male characters

The top 3 most talked-about male characters, according to the OBI Brand Monitor, are:
1. Jon Snow
2. Bran Stark
3. Varys

One of the main reasons that Varys’s character is in the top 3 is probably because his adventure in the fifth episode (spoiler alert!) meets a brutal end.

Top 3 most talked-about female characters

The show’s female characters seem to be losing out in the last season, with the difference being 7 female versus 13 male most talked-about. At 87%, “The mother of dragons”, Daenerys Targayen, is the most frequently cited on social media, followed by the Stark sisters Arya and Sansa, therefore resulting in the Top 3:

  1. Daenerys Targayen 
  2. Arya Stark 
  3. Sansa Stark 


Most popular female characters

We just have to wait a little bit longer to finally see how the great Game of Thrones adventure ends! Who will ascend to the throne? Will it be one of the most talked-about characters, or a complete surprise? Either way, the final episode is sure to be exciting.
Because the night is dark and full of terrors…!

*The data used for this analysis comes from the Netherlands, England and Germany.
* Copyright (header) image: BagoGames

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