Fact checking with: Jamie Steenbergen, Sales Manager at OBI4wan

Fact checking with Jamie | OBI4wan

As Sales Manager, Jamie is responsible for the commercial growth of OBI4wan in the Netherlands and new business. He has seen how the organisation has grown in the (almost) five years that he has been working here. I spoke with Jamie about his responsibilities, and his vision with regards to the development of software and artificial intelligence.

1. You are a Sales Manager at OBI4wan. What are your responsibilities?

“I’m responsible for the commercial part of OB4wan in the Netherlands, for the growth of existing and new business. I am also responsible for both sales and upselling. I manage the OBI4wan Sales team and i’m responsible for the commercial part of the Client Consultants team. We work together in looking for market opportunities.”

2. What kinds of market developments do you foresee in the area of software and AI?

“What is worth noting is that AI is continuing to grow within the market so the need for automation is increasing. We help to find the various opportunities and possibilities that AI can offer and properly map out what software tools can mean for organisations. For example, by showing at a case level what we are all doing. I’m also noticing that the gap between knowledge and technology is narrowing.

I also think that there are possibilities in the area of software for workflow management because if you have a webcare team, you of course want to be able to show exactly what the team is doing and what the added value is of this, and, ultimately, the ROI as well. With the Engage tool from OBI4wan you can use reports to see the kinds of results your team is delivering.”

3. What are the USPs of OBI4wan software tools?

“If I look purely at our tooling features, there are a number of aspects that distinguish us from our competitors. For example, our bots, integration with live chat and WhatsApp, and that we have one fully customizable dashboard, where all of this software is integrated into one. But I think our most important USP is OBI4wan as a company. Just look at our mission: truly engaged customers & organisations. And we work on this, consciously, every day. What kinds of questions do I bring to the table, so that we can help you further? And how can we then offer solutions as a result? What sets us apart in particular is our drive to continuously innovate and optimise processes; the tooling is a tool for that.”

“Our most important USP is OBI4wan as a company. Just look at our mission: truly engaged customers & organisations. And we work on this, consciously, every day.”

4. What advice would you give organisations that are looking for smart software solutions?

“The most important questions: What do you want to achieve? What direction do you want to take? If you have a clear view of this as an organisation, determine what you want to achieve per department or team and which goals/objectives adhere to this. Based on all of this, we will then look at how we can use tooling to meet your requirements and offer support. If we only look at features, then we don’t see the overall picture. We don’t work that way. We aren’t a consultancy firm; our core business is software, but we’re working more and more on offering software as an actual service. We like to sit down regularly, large groups of us, and brainstorm on a strategic level.”

5. What makes OBI4wan such a unique company to work for?

“I’ve been working here for almost five years but it doesn’t feel that long. What I like is that there is something new every year that changes, that you can really delve into. You have to continually develop yourself in order to keep up. I think we do that very well as an organisation, and that makes us unique. For example, right now we’re working on empowerment, within the management team, and there’s a certain working method that’s related to this. This type of mentality needs to stay intact, despite the fact that we’re growing so fast — we are focused on maintaining that, and keeping it that way. I’m also proud of the way all the departments deal with change and, sometimes, setbacks. I think it’s indicative of OBI4wan’s resilience as a company.”

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