Fact checking with… Davy Guijt – Commercial Director at OBI4wan

Davy Guijt, Commercial Director OBI4wan

In the series “Fact checking with…” we interview OBI4wan colleagues about their responsibilities, vision and the person behind the expert. We sat down with our Commercial Director, Davy Guijt. He keeps the commercial engine running and works on extending the partner network of OBI4wan. We asked him about his daily tasks, what opportunities he sees for the market and what the future holds for OBI4wan.

What are your responsibilities as Commercial Director?

“In my role, I am responsible for all newly generated business at OBI4wan, which is divided between our own sales channels and our worldwide partner network. Our head office in Zaandam is located close to Amsterdam, but we are also active from Berlin and Brussels. This means we are active within a dynamic market with a lot of growth potential.”

“From our Berlin office, we have been active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for two years now and from Brussels we have been focusing on BELUX and France for the past four years. Together with the commercial team I help organizations with improvements in media monitoring, reputation management, webcare and data analysis. In addition, our chatbot technology makes underlying processes operate more efficiently.”

“It feels like we are just at the beginning, even though we have 1,200+ customers and more than 10,000 users. Every day, we try to connect market opportunities and product development within OBI4wan. We have the potential to grow into the strongest all-in-one solution provider in Europe and that’s why I’m proud of the fact that our team can make a significant contribution to this.”

Which challenges and opportunities are relevant in this digital world?

“Technology-based innovations and opportunities are rapidly developing, offering the possibilities to map out the reputation of an organization in detail, implement new channels for customer service and even use digital agents based on artificial intelligence. That’s mostly unknown terrain for many organizations, leading to the lack of courage to innovate. That is why we act as a partner for both technology and strategy, to help embrace the right developments and implement them successfully.”

“The question is: Do we wánt to know what our reputation is and where we need to improve? What will happen if we implement WhatsApp for service? What will happen if a chatbot sends out incorrect replies?

Those are genuine questions, but organizations need to realize that an excellent reputation and dito service have a direct positive effect on business results. Customers are more satisfied when they can use their preferred communication channel. In addition, the use of chatbots not only lead to a higher NPS and employee satisfaction, but also lower costs.”

While the market is growing rapidly, what does the future hold for OBI4wan?

“We find it important to do something extra and we always add value to our clients’ business. Purchasing tools or services is not an end in itself, because the input and the final result are much more relevant. For example, actionable insights, increased NPS and CES, lower costs and the overall ROI of communication. We always partner up with our clients to determine how we’re going to achieve certain goals.”

“We will continue this approach within our growing team of experts, it’s the basis of our success.”

In conclusion, how do you ensure that the team stays on top of their game?

“We are a fast-growing tech company, so we regularly assess our product development and determine the roadmap together with internal stakeholders and customers. Sometimes, it’s better to integrate with one of our partners. Looking at our successful integrations alone, we have built up a valuable international network.”

“We have content integrations with data suppliers for print media or radio and tv, but we also integrate with CRM tools, customer satisfaction software, press publication tooling, internal social media platforms, or solutions for research data and reputation scores. This gives us the flexibility to tailor our offer to customer needs in different countries where we operate. Customer experience must be top of mind and the knowledge we acquire during this process is of great value for the future of OBI4wan.”

Do you want to know more about Davy or are you curious about the possibilities of OBI4wan for your organization? Contact him via davy@obi4wan.com or +316 31 78 81 86. Feel free to contact us for additional questions!

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