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From the moment you first meet your customer, you begin to build a relationship. A relationship that you can continue to strengthen by offering value as you go along on the customer journey. But how? Customer Relation Management (CRM) software is an indispensable factor in every customer journey. By linking the customer journey to your CRM, you’re able to offer an unforgettable customer experience!

Your customer at the centre: the customer-centric strategy

According to Gartner, you can increase customer loyalty with a good customer experience strategy. A customer experience strategy focuses on providing a positive and meaningful experience across all customer interactions.

Customer-centric organisations Gartner | OBI4wan 

A customer experience strategy applies to all departments within an organisation, not just the people in customer-oriented positions. By integrating feedback and customer insights throughout the entire company, it becomes easier to align the organisation with its intended goal: improving the customer experience and customer relationship!

For a successful customer experience strategie, factors such as the mission and vision of your organisation, your position in the market and a clear picture of who your consumers are is really important. A customer experience strategy applies to all departments within an organisation, not just the people in customer-oriented positions

Invest in long-term customer relationships by creating value

Your customers fuel your organisation. But how can you ensure that you’re taking the right steps at the right time in the customer journey? A CRM system can help execute a strategy that puts the customer at the centre of everything you do. The software helps segment different customer groups and prioritise sales and marketing campaigns.

The more you know about your customers, the better the insight you gain into their wishes and needs. But a CRM is not just software, it’s so much more! The technology helps you to get to know your customer and build a long-term relationship in which trust is central. By responding quickly to questions, customers feel heard. Your organisation can also involve customers more by sending relevant updates, newsletters or campaigns. Does your customer get the impression that you’re doing everything you can for the best possible customer experience? That’s how you gain confidence. And you can do this through data and interactions, for example via the employees of the webcare (online customer support) team, setting up marketing campaigns or sales.

Customer contact that’s as efficient as possible for everyone

From the moment you and your customer first meet, a good CRM is indispensable in building and strengthening your customer relationships. That’s why the existing CRM in the webcare module of OBI Engage has been given a new, future-proof design. Thanks to the improved search and navigation functions, contact between employees and customers is fast and efficient. But not only that; thanks to the upgrade of the existing functionalities, organisations can continue to fulfill the wishes and meet the needs of their customers more easily. The result: happy customers and employees.

Product Owner Jordi Kom explains:

“The new CRM is now much more ready for the future, because all the functionalities work faster and more efficiently. For example, you can navigate, search and filter more easily. Thanks to this innovation, we can help anyone with the issue of being able to address customers and quickly provide appropriate answers to their questions throughout the hectic day.”

Are you making it as easy as possible for your customers?

Want to serve your customers in the best way possible, and with effortless service? Discover what the renewed CRM in OBI Engage can mean for your organisation. For more information, please contact info@obi4wan or directly request a free demo!

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