Twitter DM: direct 1-on-1 contact via Twitter

It’s not just your mentions that need a response; you also need to respond quickly to your Direct Messages on Twitter. This can be done clearly and quickly from a single solution.

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Maximum accessibility via Twitter DM

The time for public complaints is over. Above all, your customer wants to be helped via their preferred channel. One possibility is chatting with your organisation via Twitter DM. Ensure maximum accessibility by adding Twitter DM to your service strategy.

Seamless transition from public to 1-on-1

Want to continue a public conversation – perhaps for privacy reasons – via Twitter DM? No problem! Seamlessly switch from public Twitter messages to Twitter DM. Invite the customer to send you a message and immediately receive your DMs in the same environment as your public messages. It’s easy, safe and efficient.

Rich media for better service

One picture can say more than a thousand words. Make it easier to handle questions or complaints by allowing your customers to send you images or videos. And you can send a photo, video or GIF to reinforce your messages or clarify your solution.

Reduce pressure on your staff with chatbots

Let chatbots take on some of the work and function as work preparers in Twitter DM. They can answer common questions or request necessary information in advance, so your employee can answer the question even faster.

Switch effortlessly from public to 1-on-1 customer contact

Give your customers fast and personal service with Twitter DM.

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We believe that only honest communication can lead to engaged and satisfied customers. We’ve been committed to this for years, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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