Google's Business Messages: fast 1-to-1 customer contact via Google

Finding you through Google and then talking to you directly: you can’t make it any easier than that!

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Let customers talk to you directly through Google

Is your company listed in the search results? Then let your customers ask you questions directly instead of first going to your website and searching for the contact page there. Just a click on the Google Business Messages button saves them the hassle.

Respond directly to Google Business Messages

A customer who contacts you via Google expects a quick response. By also receiving these messages in your OBI Engage customer care environment, you can immediately answer and deal with them.

Improve your customer service and build trust

Show your customers that you understand them by taking their preferences and questions seriously. Show them expected wait times and answers to frequently asked questions, improve your customer service, and build trust.
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Help customers quickly and effectively

From the search results in Google Search and Google Maps, point your customers in the right direction for each business location. In no time at all, your customers will be in one-to-one contact with a service employee.

Reduce pressure on your staff

Give your employees more time for customers and reduce pressure on the call centre with Business Messages. Phone calls can be converted into chats that allow you to speak to customers quickly.

Make customer contact personal

Give your customers the fastest service possible with Google Business Messages.

Choose our award-winning solutions

We believe that only honest communication can lead to engaged and satisfied customers. We’ve been committed to this for years, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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