Media monitoring 2.0: from output to insight

Media monitoring is hot and indispensable in the life of the Marketing and Communications professional. Measuring is knowing and indeed in our current era, the possibilities are endless. The [...]

Fact checking with: Danielle, Senior Media Analyst & Product Owner at OBI4wan

In the series "Fact checking with" we interview our colleagues from OBI4wan about their responsibilities, vision and the person behind the expert. In this edition, we’ve interviewed Danielle [...]

The effect of influencer marketing; a look at the fashion industry

If there’s an industry that can be called an ‘early adopter’ in the field of influencer marketing, then it’s the fashion industry. Influencers are frequently used to market products from various [...]

Six tips for greater insight into reputation management

Communication and reputation departments are fixated on data: opinion scores, reputation scores, brand index pulses, media value and reach... But we re now so overwhelmed with data we can no [...]

5 trends for reputation management in 2019

Reputation management is a long, ongoing process that increases the value of your organization. Are you ready to be in charge of your brand reputation in 2019? In this article I will take you [...]

Reputation management: the effect of a controversial campaign

What happens when a brand launches a controversial campaign that causes commotion? Sports brand Nike was under fire because of their ‘Dream Crazy’ campaign. For the thirtieth anniversary of “Just [...]

(Nederlands) Reputatiemanagement; de kansen voor alles-in-1 telecomproviders

(Nederlands) Complete van Ziggo/Vodafone, KPN Compleet, T-Mobile Thuis; je kan er niet meer omheen, elke provider biedt tegenwoordig alles-in-een pakketten aan. Internet, TV en telefonie, [...]

(Nederlands) 6 Inzichten om jouw merk naar een hoger niveau te tillen

(Nederlands) In de steeds sterker concurrerende omgeving waarin organisaties zich bevinden, zal de relevantie van corporate branding steeds meer toenemen. Mede door social media en de focus van [...]

These 6 Insights from AMEC’s Global Summit will have an impact on your organisation

Barcelona 12-14 June 2018 || Written by Danielle Janssen From the 12th until 14th of June 2018 Alexander de Ruiter (CEO) and Danielle Janssen (Media Data Analyst) attended the AMEC summit on [...]

(Nederlands) Deze actiegerichte insights haal je uit (social) media data

(Nederlands) Insights halen uit (social) media data, (online) reputatiemanagement en e-listening (of social listening) wordt steeds belangrijker voor marketing, communicatie en management [...]

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